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Feb 8, 2012 01:35 PM

Best BBQ in Las Vegas - Is there such a thing?

Usually hit Vegas once or twice a year. I have yet to find any BBQ that I would consider worth telling anyone about. If I had to pick a place to go it would have to be Lucille's over by Green Valley. Spent eight years in Texas so I know what good is. Looking for some truly smoked brisket. NOT some thing that has been boiled and covered with sauce. Help me out people.

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  1. Las Vegas is a vast wasteland when it comes to BBQ. I find Lucille's to be overpriced and the meat dry. At Tropicana and Fort Apache is Buzz BBQ. I've seen the smoker out front tended to by the employees. I've driven by and smell the meat being smoked. I'm lucky since it's about 1/2 mile from home. They have brisket on the menu.

    1. If you saw my BBQ post a few weeks ago, I reported about some fantastic BBQ beef back ribs at the PBR Bar & Grill inside the Planet Hollywood shops. They were very soft and tender like brisket. I don't know if they have brisket on the menu, though.

      I haven't been to the Lucille's in Green Valley, but have been to some local to me, and I rate it the same as you, good but not great.

      TC's Rib Crib had gotten some positive reviews in the past, and I had been there once shortly after it opened. I've been meaning to go back again, as I thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic. It looks they have a 2nd location or may have moved to another location. There is an 8470 W Desert Inn address, which I think is the old address, and a 3655 S Durango address, which looks current as it matches what is on their website, if it is up to date.

      Planet Hollywood
      3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      1. I started a similar thread to this last year and you can see the answers I got. As you'll see I'm from Austin and know what good is also.
        I tried Buzz again and didn't change my view on them, still just okay and overpriced. I haven't been to Lucille's here but have been to their place in Irvine and would go again for sure. We had a 3 meat combo there and one of the meats we chose was tri tip and it was great. I don't remember if we had brisket or not.
        I still think Famous Dave's is as good as it gets here, and that's not saying much. If they're running the cue for 2 it's a great deal at least.