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Graduation dinner in Pittsburgh?

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Could anyone give recommendations for a Saturday night graduation dinner celebration? 10 people, ages 16-88. Looking for relatively quiet, not terribly expensive, would prefer close to Oakland but will consider other locations. Thank you!

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  1. Check out The Porch.

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    1. re: Effort

      Thank you! That looks promising.

      1. re: denise8101214

        Book it now. It'll be packed.

      2. re: Effort

        My vote is for Porch also. I can't wait til weather permits sitting out by the fireplace on the side of The Porch with bottles of wine and good friends. Happy Graduation!!

      3. legume (http://legumebistro.com/) would probably be a good choice, also close by, in Oakland on Craig St.

        1. The Porch will not take reservations. Neither will Union Grill. :(

          I have eaten at and really really liked legume on Craig St. I am considering it. The food was great. Wondering if it will appeal to the younger and older members of our party.

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          1. re: denise8101214

            Just remember you can't please everyone. When I was about 16 I got taken to a restaruant I would of never want to go to or afford to go to.. However, to this day it was the best meal I ever had, and what got me into food. Legume should be a safe choice for all age groups.

            1. re: Augie6

              You are right. :)

          2. Thinking of Cafe Sam (on Baum), Ali Baba, Lucca, Legume...