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Feb 8, 2012 01:05 PM

Texas De Brazil

Has anyone tried this restaurant in the new Ridge Hill development opposite Cosco's in Yonkers?
My wife & I always wanted to try a similar Brazilian restaurant on Central Ave in either Hartsdale or Scarsdale, but it closed before we could get there.
Hoping to celebrate Valentine's eve there based on your reviews.


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  1. I went last night with DW and a friend. We found the service to be extremely attentive and the meats quite tasty. The salad bar had some very good items on it. It is definitely much more upscale compared to what was on Central Ave and quite a lot better. It is also more upscale than Copacabana in Port Chester and more expensive. I think it was around $45 for dinner (plus tax & tips), not including drinks or dessert. If I remember correctly the one in Port Chester runs around $35. While the meat was better at Texas de Brazil, the meat at Copacabana was also good. I think the salad bar is better at Texas de Brazil.

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      thanks ltlevy; sounds like a keeper.

    2. To me, I am often a light eater at dinner; it kills me to pay a large amount of money and then walk away without any leftovers. That is why I stopped going to these types of places.