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Feb 8, 2012 12:54 PM

cooking school at The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

any info on the cooking school at The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok....any good??

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  1. Depends on what your looking for in a cooking school. I only took a half or one day course (forget which - it was maybe 5 years ago), and I remember it to be good food with presentation etc, but I found most other cooking schools to be more fun. I took a 6 day course with SITCA (Koh Samui) which I found to give me the best skills - it is aimed at professional to skilled amateur cook. Other courses which I have to say I enjoyed more were Thai House (outside Bangkok in a traditional thai house - 1 - 3 days I believe), Bai Pai which is somewhere around Bangkok I found to be a very enjoyable course as well. Have not tried Blue Elephant since most of the course material I had been through before. I have positive although faded memories of Chiang Mai Cookery School - but it was so long ago.

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      I think I am beginning to remember more why thought other schools were better than Oriental -- 5 years ago (today may differ) I remember getting less hands on time cooking/prepping because of the sharing of stations between I think an average of 1 station for every 2 people. Most others - you prepare/cook all of the dishes that you had on the menu - in some cases it may be staggered - but each dish you were 100% involved in the creation.