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Feb 8, 2012 12:33 PM

Who can tell me what I ate at Gaga Seafood?

Really been enjoying this place lately: nice live-tank options, pleasant (still kind of shiny-new) atmosphere, a staff that is friendly and patient with the customer who only speaks English but has a lot of questions about the seafood and the menu.

Got a live-tank offering recently with an off-menu preparation: slow-cooked in oil was the way my very helpful server described it to me, and she said she prefers this prep to steaming. I took a photo of the specials menu (attached), which includes pricing by the pound for the live-tank offerings. In the tanks, I have recognized eel, tilapia, cod, sea raven (a favorite of mine, but they only do it as a soup), and shrimp, but not the smallish fish I ordered.

It's the one in this wall blackboard photo listed as $14.95/lb., left column, fifth entry. Would love a reader of Chinese to tell me what I ate (it was lovely). Sadly, my picture of the fish in the tank was terrible.

Any help? Feel free to translate the rest, if you care to.

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  1. A friend of a Facebook friend offered this:

    笋壳魚 = "bamboo shell fish", it seems to be a name for Oxyeleotris marmorata, aka "marbled goby" or "marbled sleeper".

    Would still welcome any attempts to translate the rest of that menu!

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      If I squint enough I can see your face in the reflection of that shiny-new blackboard! The jig is up, MC Slim JB.

      (Just kidding.)

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        After doing a little googl-ing & baidu-ing, looks like "marbled goby" is good culinary substitute/replacement for mandarin fish (桂花鱼); that leaves open the question of why it costs more on the menu above.....

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            If true, that would make sense. Haven't been to Gaga yet, will have to check it out.

      2. I'm sure there are others who can translate better than I can. Here's a jab:

        L column top to bottom
        Sea Bass
        Black (?) grouper
        Stone fish (literal translation)
        Another type of Bass
        bamboo shell fish
        Curry crab
        Twin lobster
        Shanhai hairy crab

        R column top to bottom
        raw oyster
        "Gui Fei" (aka concubine) clam
        Live shrimp
        "silver" bass
        large lobster

        At the very bottom in the middle: "blind" bass

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          Before the lobsters, I think they mean what we call 'juk yu' in Cantonese. Looking online it looks like this is actually a type of carp in English (Crucian carp?).

          I think the last entry on the L is also dungeness crab, not Shanghai hairy crab. In Cantonese, the characters look like "dai fau hai" (dungeness) not "dai jahp hai" (Shanghai hairy crab).

        2. they also have a full chinese language menu

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