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Feb 8, 2012 12:23 PM

Best Bakery for Cake

Baking is not my forte, so I need to buy a cake for my son's birthday next week. We're doing a big chocolate chip cookie "cake" for the kids party (toddlers), but I wanted a really high quality cake for the family party, which will be mostly adults. Last year we did Piece of Cake cupcakes, which are always a fantastic, but I've never had their full sized cakes and don't know how they compare. I hear great things about Henri's, but have never had an actual cake from there (just sandwiches mainly). My mother-in-law bought an amazing cake for my bridal shower - I want to say it was from somewhere on Cheshire Bridge - but I'm not sure of the bakery's name.
Anyway, I'd like to keep it in the Buckhead or Sandy Springs/Perimeter area for convenience, so looking for recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. The amazing cake from the bakery on Cheshire Bridge was most likely from Rhodes. They do a great job...their caramel cake is fantastic as are others. They have the Cheshire Bridge location and another in Roswell.

    Highly recommend.

    1. Alon's. Their midnight cake is on a different plane than Rhodes. Those salted caramel cupcakes from the Cupcake Factory on Highland are addictive, if more cupcakes are an option (other flavors are great too).

      Alpine Bakery for a worth-it road trip.

      1. Another worth considering is McEntyre;s Bakery on Spring Road (between Atlanta Road and South Cobb Drive) in Smyrna.

        1. +1 for Alpine Bakery in Roswell if you are looking for something special. It's not far off of 400 so it's an easy drive (except for rush hour). The raspberry white chocolate cake is gorgeous and delicious. The black and white is outstanding. I was responsible for dessert for 2 occasions this weekend, so I also got to taste the chocolate raspberry "wedge" and the adorable, girly napoleons. All fabulous. Be prepared to lay down some cash. A "small" (large!) rasp/white chocolate cake plus 1 chocolate wedge and 2 napoleons were just under 50 bucks. Absolutely worth it in taste, quantity, and wow factor.

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          1. Smyrna and Roswell are just too far a trip for me with all the other stops I have to make that day (balloons, etc.). I think I'll probably try Rhodes or just stick with Piece of Cake (headed there for strawberry cupcakes today for Valentines anyway!).