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Feb 8, 2012 12:07 PM

Stock in Trump tower, opened yesterday.... anyone tried it yet?

considering going this weekend. Boy am I in need of a new favourite fine dining place, given everything in Toronto right now seems to be cafe/bistro/take-out. Anyone tried it?

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  1. I to have been searching and waiting for reviews to be posted on Stock. Haven't found anything yet. Is there even a menu posted?

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      1. re: Luvtooeat

        No "official" menu or prices, but looks like they offer typical hotel food (read: steak and seafood): a "robust selection of farm-raised steaks, chops and sustainable seafood complemented by locally procured seasonal fruits and vegetables... Signature items include seared sea scallops with split peas and guanicale; beef short ribs ‘chausseur’; and whole grilled spigala with braised artichokes and peperonata." What is really interesting is that they have a "Chocolate Lab", where they have a private kitchen for creating their desserts using Valrhona chocolate.

          1. re: Luvtooeat

            Posting of the menu was most timely!!!
            What 'BORING' options! Caesar Salad, Shrimp cocktail, Steak Tartar, Baked Salmon!!! OMG!! Looks like Winterlicious menu but at 3X the cost! And the chef was Michelin star trained in France??!!!
            Management should do a 'Maple leaf move' on the chef and get either Jean George, Boulud or Keller to open up a Bouchon equivalent there instead!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              "the chef was Michelin star trained in France" ... Not according to chefdb??

              Looks like an O&B love fest to me.. The sous seems to have some European experience but UK not France..

              1. re: ParkerQ

                According to Stock's website, Executive chef Todd Clamo did train at the 3* Troigros in Roanne!!! and a few other places in France as well!!
                If that's the case, instead of just ' baking the salmon' , at least he can make it less boring by doing the famous Troigros version of pan searing just one side of the fish and topped it with a sorrel cream sauce??!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  My bad there seems to be a couple year gap in the early 90's on chefdb guess that is when he did his Europe tour..

    1. What does that mean ? There are quite a few true fine dining spots in Toronto - they just aren't where most of the 20 and thirty somethings go!

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      1. re: foodyDudey

        Had dinner there Sunday, 2/26. Perfect meal, and for $ 400 for two, including tax/tip/one bottle of middling wine, it damn well should have been. ALthough the menu has the usual suspects for the red meat crowd (wet aged, not dry as I personally prefer) there is a good range of fish, pasta and vegetarian as well. Nothing edgy, challenging or daringly original, but everything beautifully sourced and prepared with surprising subtlety and delicacy.

        Our excellent and ex-Sassafras waiter had served Joanne Kates within the week, so professional reviews are imminent.

        We shared:
        a good but ordinary bread basket, and perhaps the baker does not come in on Sundays?
        burrata with roasted red peppers
        chicken dumpling soup with anaheim chili/scallion garnish
        warm grilled octopus salad
        poached lobster salad, boston lettuce, cherry tomatoes, purple potatoes, yogurt dressing
        veal chop
        brussels sprouts with pork belly
        chocolate wagon selection (priced by weight, incidentally)

        The octopus and lobster were impressively sweet and tender and prepared with just enough seasoning to enhance the meats without overwhelming them. Great textural elements in the composed salads. The soup stock was masterful...intense and complicated without being confused. The chop was just a chop. Oh, well.

        We skipped the wide range of desserts to concentrate on....

        THE CHOCOLATE WAGON, which due to a design snag cannot be wheeled about so I had to leave the table and go to it, was, indeed impressive. Yuzu/lime dark truffles, cinnamon/chili, triple-chocolate-rolled almonds with gold dust, bark with raw chocolate nibs and salt.....each item was sensational, and I wish I could have tried more.

        They did NOT OFFER TO TAKE COATS...VERY odd for Toronto in February, and patrons draped them over chairs. The music was just short of too loud and although we could hear each other across the generously-sized deuce, we found it distracting. However, I am 55 and
        YMMV. The crowd was very international, 2/3 male on a Sunday night before a business Monday, and I'd guess mostly resident in the hotel. Our waiter said that TH/FR/SAT the place has been packed with the 30-50 y.o. Bay Street crowd, with a hopping bar all night. They are already thinking about redesigning the overflow space above the bar, currently arranged for dining, as a lounge area instead.

        No gimmicks, no shortcuts, no metaphorical or elaborate presentations. ANd I forgive them for foregoing "seasonal local market cuisine" in Ontario, in February. If I eat one more beet, turnip, or parsnip this winter I'm going to grow with my head in the ground and my feet in the air.

        The room is high-ceilinged and splendid though stark in black and white, mostly black including floors, tables , furniture....which were immaculate even though solid black surfaces will show every speck of everything...and oddly, no table linens and WHITE napkins, even though everyone in there was wearing black. Yes, my husband's wooly trousers came away from the table covered in white lint.

        Yes, we will go back, although overall I give the food edge to Splendido, or George on a good night. The room has a greater sense of occasion than the others in the price/quality range, and sometimes, that is a consideration. Based on the small number of dishes we were able to try, the food overall is perhaps a bit better than Toca, which has a shorter menu and a shorter ceiling!

        Also, in the "unique finish" department, I do not need Toca to go to the Cheese Boutique for me and to choose my cheeses after dinner for me. I CANNOT make chocolates, so big points to Stock on that one.

        1. re: KAYLO

          great review...witty, well-written, and informative. i may read kates' when it comes out, but i doubt that i will enjoy her superlative-laden, nit-picking drivel as much :)

      2. Well I tried the bar area and here is my take:
        Located at the 31st floor of the hotel/condoplex this place is split into two parts the larger area being the restaurant and the smaller area being the bar. The decor immediately strikes you as NYC 80's from what I have seen in the movies. I almost wanted to blurt out greed is good :) as that's the kind of place they would hangout in wall street or american psycho (gulp!) movie. Our coats were checked in by the hostess.
        There was a DJ spinning music on the weekend but I am not sure its a daily thing. It was quite loud here and I would not like to dine here if I want a piece of quiet.
        The bar area was packed as well and is quite small actually. I think they cap out at 30-40 people max for the bar. The bar area was packed to the hilt and we had to wait a bit to find a seating.
        The drinks menu is extensive with lots of liqour, Liquer and wine options though the cocktails list is limited. The prices are in $$ range for normal drinks, expected I guess for a place like this. I also checked out the prices for the bottle service and I thought they covered a wide range (I don't have reference point for bottle service but they ranged from 1$$ to a whopping 9K) They were also pushing the tasting for King Louis the XIII so if you wanna try it this is a good place to get a taste.
        My friend and I went for single malt and bourbon while his GF ordered a cherry blossom spritz. Our drinks were served promptly and the cocktail was good according to our friend. Again we were lucky enough to grab a sofa and sat altogether otherwise it will be hard to talk to each other. One can order food in the bar area too as I saw some people having fries and Charcuterie.
        Now for the crowd in the bar area it was an interesting mix with some hotel guests and youngish though well heeled crowd.
        The dinning area was another story much older crowd IMO I even saw the local wanna be Trump Realtor there as he walked by several times so I can imagine this place being a see and be seen kind of joint while its new.
        Personally I enjoyed myself at the bar and wouldn't mind coming back here.

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        1. re: elvisahmed

          Thanks for the review! I will avoid this place at all costs as what you've described sounds like my personal version of the seventh circle of hell! :-)

        2. Met a friend there for drinks (we were supposed to eat, but never got around to it). Weird setup in my opinion.

          The bar area is pretty small, but the I thought the whole room was a tad on the smallish side...not cozy...small. And given the volume of the music, I can't imagine what it would have been like to sit and eat with that din. Restaurant music should be subtle, faint in the background, not blaring.

          As far as the drinks, they were actually pretty good. I ordered a Rob Roy, and when I looked in my glass, I thought that a black olive garnish was not only odd but very wrong, but imagine my surprise when I tentatively bit into was not an olive, but an amarena cherry! I was so ecstatic about this discovery, that I asked for 4 cherries with my next round (I know that's a sin, but dammit those things are good).

          We ended up ordering the charcuterie plate to nibble on (from my vague recollection it was really the only thing you could order at the bar and properly share) which was ok, nothing special.

          I am fairly certain that it bill for a few drinks, and some slices of ham and pickles would have been pretty high, but I never got a chance to see the bill. Someone picked up the bill without my knowing and would let me contribute.

          Anyway, I would definitely go back for a drink or 2, but given the atmosphere, I don't think it would have been possible to really enjoy eating there with the heavy beat music.

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          1. re: Lazar

            So funny, reviewed in both Globe and Post yesterday. Reviews could not be more opposing.

                1. re: Luvtooeat

                  Agree with the Globe review 100%. Very underwhelming and not worth Trump prices they charge. You can get better at 2/3 the price at many other restaurants in town. They boasted about the Chocolate Lab and so I ordered 3 pieces of chocolate at $3 each. Each piece was the size of my thumb nail. Total rip off. No plans to return again.

            1. The Star's Amy Pataki gives Stock a 1-star review:

              "I understand the sang-froid of the investment bankers eating their gimmicky $26 hotdogs. They gamble on the market.

              It's harder to accept Stock's staff and management play-acting at their five-star roles. The derivative food, lack of sophistication and insulting prices are just deplorable."