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Feb 8, 2012 11:24 AM

Puebla: Mercado de Sabores Poblanos

I have not found any chowhound posts mentioning this newer market of food stalls. I found an article about it here:

Has anyone been? Does anyone have any comments about the quality of food compared to fondas and street food around town in more traditional setting? Looks to be set up for tourist, not locals, but I am fine with that if it is good! Looks like a fun place to go grazing.

Any specific stalls to look for?


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  1. We stopped in, however we had just eaten at actual market stalls and were far too full to try anything, so I can't report on quality. It was also mid-afternoon so the emptiness, hopefully, was just from timing, not bad food. It looked very sanitized, making my theory that they're trying to be sort of like the hawker malls in Singapore, but not sure. They definitely had a huge array of stuff.

    1. Thing is I am sure you could not go wrong, sanitized or not. In Mexico in general and in Puebla in particular they just won't stand for mediocre food (unlike here in Canada where food court meals are awful) For more food fun try the chalupas on Ninos Heroes or cemitas in the mercado

      1. Thanks for posting a link to my site, Nathan! I've been to the Mercado de Sabores Poblanos several times, and the quality of food is equal to what you'll find in many fondas and more traditional markets/street stalls around the city.

        Basically, the city government moved all of the "prepared food" vendors from an older market across the street to the new market. I believe that the idea was to provide a place that tourists worried about hygiene might feel more comfortable eating. The new market also allows you to try many different regional dishes in one location, which is a bonus if you're pressed for time. (Its vendors are essentially the same as those you'll find in more traditional places.) That said, some visitors complain that the new market's atmosphere is too sterile or like an airport food court and prefer the older ones, such as Mercado del Carmen and Mercado de la Acocota. (My personal favorite is the main market in nearby San Pedro Cholula.)

        Wherever you decide to eat in Puebla, it's hard to go wrong, as long as you choose stands and items that look appetizing to you. Buen provecho! ~Rebecca