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Feb 8, 2012 11:23 AM

Recommendations for Canterbury

Can anyone recommend any good places to eat in Canterbury? We're heading there this weekend.

We are already booked into Michael Caines' restaurant for the Saturday night but I'd be interested in recommendations for Friday dinner/Saturday lunchtime - so I'm thinking decent pub grub in a nice cosy pub with real ales and good wine! Anyone know anywhere good?

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  1. the goods shed is my absolute favourite. it's next to canterbury west station and during the day is home to a farmers market but there is also a kitchen where you can get lunch or supper.

    this is a review from my most recent visit (the origianl review which it refers to is also on my blog):

    "the goods shed, canterbury – fabulous. this restaurant is set in the covered farmer’s market next to canterbury west station. we first went here back in 2007 and the meal this time was just as good – it remains the place that i have to eat at, if i’m in canterbury. squid with white beans and chorizo, followed by breaded lamb’s breast with peas and aioli (an old-fashioned disgh of trhe sort you can imagine jay rayner or nigel slater getting over-excited about) were my choices. d started with a very delicious burger (despite being a starter it was enormous - there were several pensioners eating near us who had this as their main course) and then pigeon with black pudding and apple. almond tart and a hazelnut meringue with berries finished us off (too much food). if you go make sure you explore the stalls – we left laden with all sorts of deli-style treats and some unusual wines."

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      We had lunch at the Goods Shed in July. It was cheap and fun, and the farmers' market was amazing -- we ate the most incredible raspberries. Canterbury is close enough to Seasalter, and, if I were you, I couldn't imagine being in that area without eating at The Sportsman.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Sportsman would be the obvious bet outside of the city centre (although I think there's no tasting menu at the weekend). Or one of the oyster places in Whitstable (it is in the city's boundaries - a shortish taxi ride if you're not driving).

        I've visited the "farmers market" at the Goods Shed over the years and, frankly, it seems to deteriorate on every trip. Didn't buy a thing last time (4/11). Never eaten in the restaurant, though.

        1. re: Harters

          I would not hesitate to construct an a la carte dinner at The Sportsman. I'm wondering if the farm stand improves significantly at the height of growing season, when we were there, since the produce was truly exception. In NYC, our excellent market, Union Square Greenmarket can be disappointing until June.

      1. re: zuriga1

        Thanks for all the replies! Wholeheartedly agree re The Sportsman - top notch place, although we didn't visit there on this occasion as it was freezing, so venturing too far away from the hotel or city centre was not at all appealing!
        In the end, we opted for quite a simple pub meal on the Friday night that was perfectly forgettable - but we made up for it with Michael Caines' restaurant on the Saturday. Full review to follow - have got plenty of (mostly good) things to say about that one.

      2. The Wild Goose, a fairly new stall in The Goods Shed, is definitely worth a visit, even though I am getting too old for those stools. Roasted beetroot with fresh mint and aubergine was a study in contrasts, of the smoky (charred) aubergine, the earthy beets and the spark of the herb. Pork Belly with cumin was rich and satisfying.

        The food market in the Goods Shed provided a good meal for the next day too.