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Feb 8, 2012 11:08 AM

valentine's day dinner in st louis near wash U

wash u student needs a romantic but not terribly expensive suggestion

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  1. How close? Do you have a car? What part of Wash U -- Danforth Campus? Med School? Etc.

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    1. re: brownhound

      main undergraduate campus -- can drive.

      1. re: raider

        Since you have a car, distance isn't as difficult a criterion as "romantic" and "not terribly expensive" since I don't know what qualifies for each. I know as an undergraduate, my standard was somewhat different from what it is now.

        Here are some possiblities...

        More young and fun feeling:
        Taste, which is a small plate place in Central West End, that's got a nice feel and you can control pricing:

        Brasserie by Niche, next to Taste in Central West End, that's got a lively and bright feeling but the food is a little more substantive:

        Sen Thai, downtown and not fancy but a pleasant spot and budget conscious:

        Rasoi, Central West End Indian in a pleasant room and not too expensive (quite near Taste and Brasserie if you go resie-free):

        More established and likely expensive:
        Atlas Restaurant, standard Frenchy Continental and walking distance from Campus, nice room though not spectacularly "romantic":

        Five Bistro, which is in the Hill, a bit more expensive and creative:

        Truffles, in Ladue and relatively close to campus, but more expensive and older feeling:

        Niche, one of the more expensive places in town but likely to have a nice meal and it's a great room:

    2. Good Valentine's day picks:

      Expensive: Remy's
      Moderate: Sasha's
      Value: Bobo Noodle House

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      1. re: jberendzen

        I realize you order at the counter at Bobo, but I find that place to be incredibly sweet and romantic. The people who work there are all super friendly too. Like they love their jobs.

        Good call on Sasha's too.