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Feb 8, 2012 10:52 AM


What's it taste like and where can you get plain cooked alligator in NOLA. I know you can get alligator boudin but what about plain cooked alligator. Thanks.

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  1. I've only had it from wild caught alligators and have cooked tail steaks and used other cuts in a sauce piquant.

    From my view and from what hunters tell me, the taste will depend on what that particular critter has had as its main diet. While many people say the old "it taste like chicken" we've all had chicken that has tasted chickeny and some that tasted like styrofoam. I've had alligator that has tasted very fishy.

    1. believe that ralph & kacoo's has both blackened and fried alligator - same @ Felix's - also @ Mulates, thanks

      1. I didn't find it had a strong or bad taste, it was the texture I didn't like. Kind of chewy and tough. I had it fried, one time many years ago. I'll stick to the frog legs - yum

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          Like any critter there are good and not so good cuts. Most cuts need long slow, like stew meat. There are some portions of tail that are more of the "tenderloin". I'm no butcher but got this from Cajun hunters.