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Feb 8, 2012 10:19 AM

Craftbar or the Tavern @ Gramercy Tavern?

I will be in NYC for a conference and as a bonus I my Mom can come up from CT for a night! I want to take her out for a nice dinner as a late Xmas gift...

We don't get much time together and I want to be able to enjoy our meal and conversation without feeling rushed.

I've chosen these 2 because I've heard many good things and they fit my budget of around $100 before drinks and tip.

Gramercy Tavern worries me since the Tavern doesn't take reservations - would this be a problem on a Sunday night?

Any feedback is appreciated!


Gramercy Tavern
42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Is that $100 for the two of you? Also, tax is nearly 9%, so are you including it in your budget figure?

    How busy the Tavern Room is depends on when you get there. Early (5:30 - 6 p.m) and late (after 10 p.m.) are usually much less busy than prime time. We've only been there late and had no wait for a table.

    Not been to Craftbar.

    Are you interested in other suggestions for places that take reservations?

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      Thanks for the warning about the tax! I have accounted for that. I'm open for suggestions if you have other ideas. We're staying in midtown, but I'm comfortable with the subway. Thanks for your input!

      1. re: corneygirl

        Just to be clear, the $100 is for both of you and includes the tax? If so, that would bring the budget down to around $90 for food only.

        1. re: RGR

          I'm budgeting $100 for just the food, tax, tips and drinks on top of that (I know that can add up, but we'll split a bottle of wine - I've looked at the lists). Thanks!

    2. I have yet to visit Gramercy Tavern, but I had a great meal at Craftbar last fall. The waitress recommended the Berkshire pork for 2 and it was definitely the best dish at the table. I also got to try the wonderfully light veal ricotta meatballs, which are a Craftbar signature. I've read a lot of positive reviews for Gramercy Tavern and think either restaurant will offer a great meal experience!

      1. I go to the Tavern room all the time and usually Sunday night doesn't have a long wait for two people. As RGR said before 6:00 you can usually walk right in and after that it really just depends. Honestly they are right around the corner from each other. I suggest trying the Tavern and if it's too full walk on over to Craftbar. I've also been there on a Sunday night and the crowd was quite small.

        1. To report back...

          Ended up going to Craftbar, great meal and great service. Thanks for all your advice, next time I'll try the Tavern Room.