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Feb 8, 2012 09:54 AM

Next El Bulli Menu

Eater just released the menu. The number before each dish refers to the year that dish was on El Bulli's menu, but does anyone know what the numbers after each item refer to? I hope it's not the calories. Thanks!

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  1. Can't say for sure, but given the attention to detail and amount of documentation at elBulli, it's most likely the recipe number. Similar to the Escoffier recipe numbers Next had on their menu.

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    1. It is the El Bulli catalog number.

      For example, the spherical olives are 1905.

      1. What's the early word from the first diners? Worth the price, hype, wait, etc? Just missed out on season tix, but I'm OK with it. Anybody who has been to both el Bulli in Spain and also the "tribute" version?

        One NY food critic from Bloomberg tweeted that he's heard mixed reviews. One person on Yelp loved it.!/qualityrye/sta...

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