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Feb 8, 2012 09:38 AM

Soup Nutsy?

I am curious of people's experience with this place. After being told by my co-workers it was the best soup in town I decided to give it a try today. I ordered the West African Senegalese Peanut Chicken. I found it to be ridiculously thick and not in a good way. It is as if they went overboard on the thickening agents. Has anyone experienced this before or are there certain type of soups that are best to be avoided at this place?

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  1. That thickness of their creamy soups puts me off too. I haven't tried all that many, but the beef stroganoff soup has a similar consistency to the peanut chicken one. I do tag along with coworkers when I'm feeling like clam chowder though--it's still super thick but I don't mind it in clam chowder.

    Considering the price, (in the path) I'd rather go to Oasis for whatever their daily soup is, or even Longo's.

    1. I'm vegetarian so I can't comment on the peanut chicken soup, but I have found Soup Nutsy's cream soups to be excessively thick too. I have the best luck with the tomato- or veg-stock soups, like the vegetable-barley or Moroccan vegetable. They have the expected consistency, definitely not thick.

      1. I found my cream of mushroom to be overly thick as well. Consistency was like opening up a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup! Although, hubby's broth based soup (can't remember what it was) was pretty good.

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          Thanks for the info. Seems like broth based soups are the way to go.

        2. I find their soups kind of bland and generic tasting. Plus the name of the place is just so lame.

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            I'm not a fan of Seinfeld and found the "Soup Nazi" skit not funny, and that feeling transferred to this name. Also they give you this bag which is a big waste of paper.

            Prefer "Soup if up" myself - the name's not so great either but I like their soup and salad combos better.

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              They actually encourage you to reuse your bag (and many people do because they'll give you 25 cents off your order)

          2. I would stick to the broth-based soups. The Miracle Vegetable soup (or something like that) is okay, as is the tomato mushroom. They tend to be very salty, though.

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            1. re: topbanana

              I also found their soup too salty when I tried their barley soup. It's not worth paying almost $10 for the soup w choice of two sides (fruit/veggie/bread).