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Jun 20, 2006 08:31 PM

Neptune's Net vs Malibu Seafood

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Passed by Malibu Seafood on my way to How's Market for some steaks (thank you Chowhounds). Have eaten at Neptune's Net in the past. How would you compare these two places? Does either one have something they do especially well? Prices??

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  1. Good question...I've been wondering the same thing. We like driving up to Neptune's Net occasionally, but never been to Malibu Seafood. Which is better?

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      they are different.
      Neptune's net has the two sections - the fry-bar/burger grill and the steam area. The fry-bar is ok, you're better off with the burger than with the overbreaded fried sea creatures. Fries are ok. This is a branch off the market- nice beer selection, cookies etc. The steam area has local rock crab, dungeness brought in, sometimes local spiny lobster, shrimp and some shellfish, as well as chowder (which i like) and corn which is fine later in the summer. It's basically a market that makes up some food near the beach. It's the setting more than the food.

      malibu seafood is a restaurant. they have a wider selection (calamari for example) and I remmeber that they offer broiled fish which neptune's net does not.

    2. Malibu Seafood wins hands down. The fish and chips or the fish sandwich are great. So is the calimari.

      1. Neptune's Net offers fresh raw shell-on shrimp that one purchases by the pound (sold and prepared separately from the abysmal adjacent fried fish counter). You buy the raw shrimp, they'll steam it, and you take it to a table and peel and eat yourself silly and wash 'em down with cold bottled brewski. That is the pleasant part of the equation. If you choose to subject yourself to the fried fish and chowder counter, be prepared for apathy at best, and more likely, the stink-eye glare from various counterpeople with temperaments reflecting chronic constipation...

        1. I like the fish and chips at Malibu Seafood much better ...

          1. Malibu Seafood has the better meal. They're fish and chips would always win out over NN. MS's fries are probably the best in town and you are allowed to BYOB if you like (I saw a family with table cloth, jug wine, and lanterns at sunset last week).

            Neptune's Net has a harley biker atmosphere, which adds to the mix. They also sell beer, which MS does not. As others have noticed, their batter tends to overdo the breading.