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Feb 8, 2012 08:53 AM

any recommendations for a great bakery/cafe for lunch?

i'll be headed to new orleans w/the gf later this month for the first time, so i'm pretty darn excited if you can imagine. we'll be staying at a b&b just between the french quarter and the marigny. i have a few spots earmarked for meals, but my gf would love to eat at a cool café - preferably with an amazing pastry selection - for one of the days. can anybody recommend a place or two that would fit the bill? we won't have a car but are more than happy to hop on the streetcar.

and if you're curious, here's what i have planned for the short 4 days we'll be there:

wed dinner - green goddess
thurs lunch - boucherie
thurs dinner - mr. b's or emeril's NOLA
fri lunch - commander's palace, sucre
fri dinner - TBD
sat lunch - lil dizzy's cafe

many thanks in advance!

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  1. The Cake Cafe ( has breakfast, lunch, and pastries. I'm particularly fond of their bread but oddly enough have never had their cake. They also make their own bagels which are good but not outstanding.

    Also in the neighborhood are the Orange Couch (which, for better or worse, believes they define "cool" but does have good coffee), the Who Dat Cafe (the chocolate bacon cupcakes don't suck [but also don't compare to the bacon praline sundae at the Green Goddess]), and Fatoush (on St. Claude in the Healing Center).

    Fatoush is a strange place ... there's a cafe (and some wickedly aromatic baked goods) as well as a restaurant. I've eaten here a couple of times: the food is really pretty good (better than Mona's, for what that's worth), the wine's cheap enough, and the service is earnest but inexperienced. I haven't seen much written about them yet. (


    There's also Flora at the corner of Royal and Franklin -- I can't speak to their food (I've had it but other than "it didn't suck" I really don't remember it) but it attracts my kind of crowd.

    Flora, the Orange Couch, the Who Dat, and Fatoush have free and easy to use wifi.

    Personally I'm not all that fond of the Cafe Rose Nicaud on Frenchmen but somebody must be, they're usually pretty busy. They're a little closer to where you're staying (but none of the places mentioned is more than a ten minute walk).

    1. You already have a great list.

      One place that is a bit different and might be fun is Tartine. Their background is as bakers but most of what they do along that line now is during breakfast. Their lunches are great and while the restaurant is plain (interesting art work) if the weather is nice sit in the patio.
      They are closed on Monday but would make a good adjuct to a streetcar ride or a trip to the zoo if you are around during the week.