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Feb 8, 2012 07:20 AM

Frustration with eating out in Milan. Need help.

Hi all,

Been to Milan twice and have been severely disappointed with the food. I have never had so many mishits ever. Everything seems so overpriced.

I love food and when I travel it's the best excuse to try new places and food. So I always take meticulous preparation finding the right places to eat. Matter of fact I am often accused of using more time for the food part than other parts of the journey. Often arranging the schedule according to reservations etc. bUt I think others has the same issues here.

somehow I have never truly had a great or even good eating experience in Milan. Is it bad luck or the city? I find the food really expensive. Over priced even. And worse nothing special.
And that's so strange I had my best meals in Italy. In rome was almost impossible to have a bad meal. Florence was awesome at sostanza and Mario. San remo had one of the best crab pastas ever.
I love Italy for its affordable and delicious foods.
But no luck in Milan. And my last trip I hit rock bottom. Was recommended a place where they serve great crab pasta. It was surimi!!

So any advice on good affordable places in milan?

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  1. We were in Milan on Saturday night. We went to a local restaurant called Da Abele. The assorted meat platter antipasto was really good, served with cornichons and lingonberry jam. They have 3 types of ristotto each night on the menu. We had one with sausage, artichokes and pecorino that was really, really good. The other two were cabbage, apple and gorgonzola, and seafood with squid ink. We also had a mixed salad, which I think only Americans order, but it was very good and included belgian endive. The secondi were both terrible. Both beef and boar covered in dark brown thick gravy. Yuck. Don't order them. Stick to the apps and the risotto. Very reasonable as well.

    1. try this site it is mostly higher end places but you can see the menu and dishes before going.