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Feb 8, 2012 07:11 AM

Need red and green NM chiles

Will be on a road trip from Houston to Tucson in late February, looking to buy some quantities of dried chiles and chile powders in NM. Any tips or sources that are convenient to I-10?

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  1. I'm sure some Southern NM hounds can chime in, but Las Cruces should give you plenty of choices. Any supermarket there will have a bounty of red chile pods and powder from which to choose.

    Fresh green chile won't be in season here until the summer, but you can buy frozen, again at virtually any supermarket. A lot of markets have giant frozen bags with little or no labeling, you'll need to defrost and peel. There are also companies like Bueno that offer pint and quart tubs of frozen, peeled, diced green chile, but they're substantially more expensive.

    You can currently buy fresh chiles here imported from Mexico or California, but then we'd have to run you out of the state.

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      Thanks for the info. I can get fresh hatch chiles in Houston in season, I'm mostly interested in chile powder and dried pods, a friend brought back big bags from NM last year, really good. Will check out Las Cruces.

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        Got several large bags of powdered chiles, medium and hot, at Ristraman Chile Co. in Las Cruces. They didn't have any powdered green, but got some in a shop connected to Andele restaurant in the Mesilla area. Good food at the restaurant too. And my friend in Tucson gave me some fresh chiltepins from a bush in his backyard, those things are hot! Hope to grow some from the seeds.

      2. My husband travels between Tucson and Albuquerque fairly often. He gets his dried red and green chiand sometimes big jars of diced green chilesle in Hatch (because he goes through it anyway). He's come home with some big old bags of both. He says it's about 45 minutes off I-10 if you get off at Deming.

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