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original Valentine gift for my girlfriend?

I'm looking for something original I could give my girlfriend. So basically that would exclude chocolates, flowers, and other typical things like beauty products, lingerie...
Any ideas?

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  1. I think the originality of a gift is based largely on your girlfriend's personality and likes/dislikes. I must say though, it would be a bit endearing to bake her brownies or make a nice dinner (together, even) rather than buying a box of chocolates or taking her out (imo).

      1. So is there a reason you post the question to CH'ers?

        1. The Tiffany's website will be helpful. Look under gourmet diamonds.

          1. Heart-shaped egg/pancake rings, with an invitation to cook breakfast/brunch for her. Red kitchen utensils or dishes or a special coffee mug.
            It might all depend on what she likes...

            1. I guess it depends on her tastes but I think something original she's very likely to appreciate is crystallized roses. They are real roses that have been crystallized in sugar. They make them in Toulouse, France and they are very popular there, and very tasty! http://www.histoiresucree.com/meta_ca...

              1. Assuming you posted here because you are thinking in terms of a food she will really like why not suss her out on a food item she may have enjoyed once or twice but hasn't been able to eat it since then? Maybe she tried an exotic food in Europe or Asia. Then your mission could be to source the item. You may have to fly in that kiwi/strawberry pie she had in Lhasa.

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                  I'm on that same train of thought...thinking you want to gift her with something to do with food.
                  Can you enroll her in some sort of class--like a baking class, or another specified cooking class?

                2. Hi, Patrick. You are sweet to put such effort into this! Tell us more; is she interested in cooking? cookware? china? linens... are there certain cuisines she loves to eat? etc. Do you cook? There are loads of possibilities, just need a bit more info.

                  You could bake bread together. Make butter, too. Awesome Valentine's Day activity in my book.

                  You could watch a "food movie" together and make something from the movie or just something related.

                  A word to the wise, though, a few roses make a pleasant day a special one. :)

                  1. i think a chocolate or cheese fondoe night together would be very romantic and sexy; i'vealso heard that there are specially made chocolate powders or syrups made to lick off one another check out pleasure chest website under edibles...