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original Valentine gift for my girlfriend?

I'm looking for something original I could give my girlfriend. So basically that would exclude chocolates, flowers, and other typical things like beauty products, lingerie...
Any ideas?

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  1. I think the originality of a gift is based largely on your girlfriend's personality and likes/dislikes. I must say though, it would be a bit endearing to bake her brownies or make a nice dinner (together, even) rather than buying a box of chocolates or taking her out (imo).

      1. So is there a reason you post the question to CH'ers?

        1. The Tiffany's website will be helpful. Look under gourmet diamonds.

          1. Heart-shaped egg/pancake rings, with an invitation to cook breakfast/brunch for her. Red kitchen utensils or dishes or a special coffee mug.
            It might all depend on what she likes...