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Feb 8, 2012 06:51 AM

NC Wineries for 21st birthday in March

My first born son turns 21 during his college spring break in March 2012. He has asked us to take him to several wineries for a birthday trip.
We're most interested in the wine, of course. He enjoys the reds we serve at home from California, Rhone, Bordeaux, and Chile. But I'd like for him to be able to sample the full spectrum of what's available to help him learn what he likes.
We're also interested in the 'tasting experience' - a pretty room; a knowledgeable host; viticulture & viniculture tours, a picnic area or restaurant, etc.
We have previously visited only a few North Carolina wineries. Of these, Raffaldini is one that we will return to.
We have not been to Childress, but plan to visit.

Which additional wineries or tasting rooms do you suggest? We may drive up into Virginia.

Thanks much! We'll also need help with restaurants, delis & bakeries once we know the winery itinerary.

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      Thanks. Here's a link to cellartracker tasting notes grouped by producer.

    2. There are wineries all over the state - is there a particular region you are interested in?

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        We'll be in Lexington and the Yadkin Valley and would like to stay within about 150 miles.

      2. You might consider West Bend just outside Winston-Salem. It's small, but it's a very nice property, the wines are pretty good, and the tours are very informative. They're also opening a brewery onsite, and I've heard you can sample some of the goods even though it's not open yet. Might as well introduce your son to all the options! :)

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          the brewhouse at west bend opens this saturday.

        2. Shelton is very attractive...nice tasting room and staff.

          1. We took a tour with 6 people this fall. It was fantastic. It was not like a tour of the facilities, more like a wine tasting.

            We all sat at a table like one would do in a restaurant. We brought our own lunch and snacks. Cheese, peppers, crackers... Made quite a picnic right there at the table.

            Then your server comes out and gives you a score card and pen. She then starts with the whites. Explaining in detail about each wine. There must have been eight different whites.

            Then the card is flipped over and they start on the reds. Again, must have been about six to eight of those. Then the last one were the desert wines. Our ladies packed a wonderful picnic and we were filled to the brim.

            We stayed at Lake Gaston that Weekend so the drive was reasonable.

            After dinner you were lead out into the lobby with your score card so that you could buy any bottles of wine you wanted. We gave some for Christmas gifts and they were a huge hit. Wine bottles ranged from $14.00, $17.00 to mid twenties.

            And here is the place: