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Feb 8, 2012 06:44 AM

So it's "Or Death"? [moved from General Chowhounding board]


So, like everyone else, I received an email that Chowhound is "updating" and I need to archive all my posts or lose everything (I've been posting what, like six years now?).

So, I follow the instructions and guess what? Supposedly, I have nothing to archive so all is lost.

Please Chowhound, make another tab for "Posts" instead of "reviews", or you'll lose us all.

  1. Your posts will not be lost. Just reviews and lists.

    1. can anyone tell me how to do this? is there an instruction manual somewhere?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The email explicitly says Restaurant Pages, Quick Reviews, CHOW Lists, and the "Been There / Wanna Go" lists. Nowhere does it mention posts.

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          1. re: acgold7

            That's true, but it's obvious from the posts appearing that despite what the email explicitly says, people don't know what all that means.

            They see "reviews" (and probably are not even aware of the Quick Reviews function in the Restaurant pages) and immediately think of their posted reviews in the forums.

          2. Just to make sure everyone understands how to download their Restaurant reviews, lists of restaurants, and "Been There, Wanna Go" list: log in to the site at the top righthand corner. Go into your profile (click "View Profile"). Then you will see prompts to download your restaurant reviews that appear on the restaurant pages and your restaurant lists from that section of the site. Let me know if you have trouble from that point on. Posts will not be affected in any way.

            Thanks, Meredith of CHOW

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            1. re: mudaba

              Can the community have a serious answer from your side about why the user generated database can't be preserved (and expanded on by our community) and kept as a functioning entity? I know that if it comes to manually going through records we can count on quite a few dedicated users here to assist with that task. After all, when it came to moving posts when the boards were realigned, we stepped up to the plate to get that done. What say you, Meredith? What is preventing the user generated records from being kept and used?

              1. re: Servorg

                Hi Servorg,

                I thought I was being clear about this, but am happy to say it again and again. You all know that the restaurant database was rife with malfunctions and errors. The database itself, for example, could not be updated in the way it was implemented. When you have a database with lots of changes and additions, and you need to get rid of the root data from that database, you need to get rid of the whole database. I'm trying to make it simple so as not to get into too much detail, but our Engineering dept describes it well here: "This is an issue of ownership legality and convolution of what has been contributed by whom."

                Our biggest goal right now is to make a well-functioning, reliable, stable, long-term discussion-based platform for Chowhound. This is what we need to do to hit that goal. Ultimately, I think we all agree on what we want: a viable place to discuss food. I am doing everything in my power to build something strong and good, and that restaurants database simply isn't a part of that. Think of it as being diseased. We gotta get rid of the disease.

                Meredith of CHOW