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Feb 8, 2012 06:27 AM

Kam Man Mkt South Bay

Is the Kam Man mkt opening today? A few weeks ago people were saying it was. In todays Globe it said it was opening on Saturday. Anyone know for sure?

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  1. I had heard it would open tomorrow, but maybe it was pushed back to Saturday. I'd definitely trust the Globe on this.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Soft opening is tomorrow, Feb. 9. Grand opening with the Mayor, etc. is Saturday at 10 am.

      1. re: misscucina

        Signs on the door give 2/9 as the opening date. Those went up last week I believe.

        1. re: tallullah

          decent selection of West Indian hot sauces and roots concoctions from NYC

          1. re: ix9

            So did it really open? how does it compared to the branch in Quincy?

    2. Was at the new Kam Man Farmers Market yesterday at 8:45 AM
      an employee said they would be opening at 9
      so I slipped in aroud 8:50 with a few workers and wandered around a bit before the manager politely asked me if I were a customer
      told me they were having some "pricing issues" and wouldn't be opening until 12
      really only got to browse through produce and meats and a few of the isles
      produce not much different than before the change, much better selection overall at the Quincy locale, not a great selection of herbs here
      the usual suspects in the meat case but did have fresh bull testicles
      interesting selection of beef, pork and fish balls plus some others of varying shapes and textures sold loose
      as already mentioned, a fair selection of Caribbean tonics and products including Auntie May's yellow pepper sauce from Barbados along with the more common Mantouk brand
      only got a peek at the seafood section which looked brand new and sizeable but not set up yet (no fish out)
      that's about all I got to see other than the parking lot being patched up

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          I was headed over to Stop and Shop at South Bay and stop in at the new Kam Man first. Very impressed with the whole store and prices. They stock a very large number of western brand name products. This place is not just geared to the Asian market but the South Enders. Land O Lakes butter was only $2.50 a lb. If you like rice it has one of the largest selections I have seen outside of Manhattan. My favorite brand, Lungberg, which I buy at Whole Foods was half the price The cod was only $4.99 a pound, which was fresh. Another bonus was the staff all seems to be able to speak English plus has knowledge of their products and gladly answered my questions.
          I asked how they can sell so cheap and was told that they are members of a supermarket co-op which allows them to compete with the larger stores. Can’t wait for the food court to open.

          1. re: dotfoodie

            When is the food court suppose to open?

            1. re: catsmeow

              They are waiting for permits from the city, plus I understand they want to sign a lease with a well know Asian restaurant..That could take up to 6 months. One thing I really liked if you have a question they were there to answer it, that is one thing I have a problem with the Chinatown stores. They will never have to worry about customers, the Stop & Shop and Target in South Bay are the highest grossing stores in their chain.

              1. re: dotfoodie

                Do you mean that the Target in South Bay is the highest grossing Target in the country?

                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    Two years ago they were number one, we are talking by sq ft, that's why they enlarged the store. Last years report isn't in yet. The Stop & Shop, last year, was number two in the chain. Since Target in Braintree opened, that should take some of their sales.away. End of Aug. you can't get into Target, parents and student fill the place, last year it was worst than Black Friday.

                    1. re: dotfoodie

                      Across the country, though?

                      Ive been in some MUCH larger targets in the midwest and west that do a hoppin business.

                      1. re: C. Hamster

                        Land is cheap in the Midwest. You can build really big stores out there and you don't have to pack 'em in like sardines to pay the rent.

            2. re: dotfoodie

              most items i'm familiar with prices of were 15-20% higher than quincy and chinatown markets here. also it is fairly hostile to T riders unless you like a 3/4 mile walk thru the hood or a bus ride. could use some skylights also. dont think i'll be returning unless i happen to findn myself at South Bay Plaza (unlikely)

              1. re: ix9

                The original Kam Man in Quincy is no more T-(subway) rider friendly.

                1. re: ix9

                  The #8 bus goes from Kenmore/UMass to South Bay. I also believe the #10 and the #6 also run by there. Plus, there's a huge private lot on site... if you don't have a car, then rent a Zip Car. I do it all the time and it's cheap.

                  1. re: ix9

                    The #10 bus careens right by the place

                2. re: C. Hamster

                  "Kam Man Farmers Market" is what they're calling themselves (name on the building)

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      maybe they stole the idea from Mars Farmers Market in Mattapan?


              2. Decent place..produce selection a bit weak compared to say h-mart. Things were well labeled in both English and Chinese. Large Latin selection as well....

                1. Made a trip there earlier today and it was definitely doing brisk business. As noted, the workers were more diverse probably to better serve the diverse patrons this area will attract who need non-Chinese language help.

                  The layout of the meat and seafood sections are so far nice and spacious, and will help with keeping it clean and more traffic-jam free since this is an area where many shoppers tend to congregate to wait for their cut of meat or fish.

                  Prices on staple Asian items were surprisingly high for me too. Perhaps it just the rent in this area, but I expected to see more early promotional discounts to lure in new shoppers but I think I only saw about half a dozen "deals". Otherwise, prices on many average items were a good 20 cents more than other stores. Maybe a better pit stop for those coming from north of the city or who absolutely need English language assistance, but nothing would draw me back to this location otherwise.