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Feb 8, 2012 06:10 AM

finally some action beside Fruit King at Danforth and Logan

Any of you in the area may have seen this, but I didn't see a post yet. The restaurant just to the east of Fruit King which has been empty for over 15 years has been sold, and signs in the window say there is some sort of make your own sundae store opening. Well I don't need that, I was always hoping for a good Indian restaurant. It seems like a huge space for what appears to be planned for the location.

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  1. According to the signs it looks like it will be split, at least internally into a Jamba Juice franchise and a Menchie's clone.

      1. I believe the restaurant that was there previously was called Odyssey and if memory serves it closed over twenty years ago. It was interesting because it had an open kitchen and the food was quite good as I recall. That part of the Danforth needs something more interesting than generic yoghurt and juice franchises.

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          I agree it needs something better than what is coming. I have lived in the area since 1992 and that place was not open when I moved there.