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Feb 8, 2012 05:54 AM

Sherbrooke to Hardwick.

The husband and I are having an early V-Day weekend trip to Vermont this weekend. Spurred by a sampling at Newport Natural Foods of Caledonia's ice cider last week, we see that they are having an open house Saturday and Sunday. Given its location, we booked a B&B and a dinner reservation in Hardwick (The Kimball House and Claire's respectively).

Now I ask: what other neat food stuff could we see on the way to and from? Cursory Google searches seem to be too unwieldy and unorganized, so I figured I'd go straight to the NE board. So...suggestions/tips?

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  1. If you like beer....the Hill Farmstead Brewery is in nearby Greensboro.

    You also ought to read "The Town That Food Saved" by Ben Hewitt before you head out if you can. It's all about Hardwick.

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      We have read the book; I liked it, but my husband quit halfway through because he felt the narrator inserted too much of himself in the story.


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        You'll also be close to Cabot so you could visit the Creamery, take a tour and sample cheese.