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Feb 8, 2012 05:43 AM

Chuck's day off episode "the spice guys" where are they?

Does anybody know what spice shop is featured in the show chucks day off episode "the spice guys"?Also where his kitchen supply shop is in his pots and pans episode?They never mention it:(

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  1. I *think* the kitchen supply store is Warsaw (sp?) in the Atwater Market.

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    1. re: Gregoso

      No, the kitchen supply store was Monas on Parc.

    2. I believe the spice shop was "Les douceurs du marche" in the Atwater market.

      1. Thanks guys.I thought it might be Mona's but wasn't sure.I really had no Idea about the spice shop though.Haven't been to Atwater market in a long time since I work next to JTM.Maybe i'll go this weekend!