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Feb 8, 2012 05:32 AM

Bangkok - T. Restaurant Seafood

I fell in love with T.Restaurant's food as a teenager - that was 3 decades ago. I still go back to the restaurant now for its marvellously fresh and decently-priced seafood. T.Restaurant used to be more centrally located in Pratunam, 10-15 minutes' walk from Central World and Siam Square.Its new location is about 10 minutes' drive up the road along Rajprapop Road.

Had a family dinner whilst visiting Thai relatives last weekend:

- Crab curry: supremely fresh, meaty crabs - the lump crab meat may not be as meaty as the larger Sri Lankan crabs we get back in Singaporem, but the Thai crabs had much sweeter and tastier flesh. The creamy, eggy, oniony thick yellow curry cloaking the crabs, is probably Thailand's answer to Singapore chilli crab. I could eat this every day!

- Crisp-battered fried squid rings - not one of my fave items, but Thai cousins loved it;

- Fried oyster omelette, yet another T. Restaurant staple which betrays the restaurant's Thai-Chinese Taechew roots. The oysters here are delicious, and fried with eggs and the typical tapioca-starch mixture which gave the omelette its signature gooey-gloopey texture - an acquired taste for non-Chinese diners;

- Steamed "Pla Bu" (marbled Goby fish) with shredded ginger. Super-fresh fish here, perfectly-time steaming technique. I especially loved the fish liver which was barely cooked and had that rich, unctuous taste (much like Japanese "ankimo"). Precious!

- Crab-meat fried rice, with eggs & scallions. Thai-style fried rice eschewed soysauce atypical of Chinese-style fried rice. Thai fried rice is also sweeter (from the addition of white sugar) and more onion-flavored with minimal or no garlic added. I loved T. Restaurant's version - not necessarily the best I'd tasted in Bangkok, but a taste I grew up with.

Address details
T. Restaurant (Seafood)
78/12-16 Rajprarop Road,
Makkasan, Phayathai,
Bangkok 10400
Tel: +662-247-1061-3

T. Restaurant (Seafood)
Soi Ratchaprarop, Bangkok 10400, TH

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  1. Klyeoh

    I am going to be in Bangkok for 3 days with a few friends. Any must eat places? I think the above looks tempting. I have seen Krua Apsom also recommended. I have eaten at Somboon and Phaya Thai seafood in the past. Both very touristy, fresh seafood but taste inconsistent. Also pricy, especially Somboon.
    Also where do you get good red meat in Bangkok?


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    1. re: intrepidgourmand

      I'd never eaten in Somboon or any of the more touristy places for ages now, since I can't ever get any Thai relatives or friends to agree to come with me. I usually get outvoted and taken to somewhere local. We usually end up in *really* local Thai-Taechew (Teochew) restaurants in Yaowarat like Tan Jai Yun, Sin Kwang Meng and Jim Jim :-D

      For red meats, we'd inadvertently end up in any of the Chokchai steakhouses. Personally, I liked New York Grill at the Marriott - best steaks in town!

      1. re: klyeoh

        Somboon was only good for their curry crab and morning glory.. Now, even they have become inconsistent!

        Thailand isn't a "red meat" destination. For the most part, beef will run too lean for most Western tastes.

        The Thai "steak" places, I've visited, seem to be obsessed with adding sauces and or seasonings. For me, a truly good steak stands on its own.

        My brother-in-law owes me a visit to Neal's Tavern. I hope they know the value of a steak. I have heard good things about the place.

        Chokchai does do a pretty good burger. They have a kiosk in Siam Paragon's Gourmet Market.

        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          Thanks Klyeoh, Curt

          I live in Mumbai and get a lot of seafood here. I do prefer my red meat a little fattier. I thought the northern Thai food had more meat.


            1. re: cacruden

              Visiting many of Thailand's "pristine" fishing grounds kind of tempers my appetite for seafood. I've always been amazed how popular mollusks are here.

            2. re: intrepidgourmand

              @interpidgourmand- is there a foodie club in Mumbai?

            3. re: Curt the Soi Hound

              Curt - I'd always wanted to visit the legendary Neil's Tavern. Do post about it when you've finally tried it!

              1. re: klyeoh

                We did Lek Seafood. Great stuff. Everything was outstanding. I loved the crab curry, a worthy competitor to Singapore's Black pepper crabs. No weak spot. We had the Oyster omelet, Tom Kha soup, Sea Bass in lime, Clams in Basil, Morning glory and the crab curry off the shell. All perfect. Even the Mango with sticky rice was great!
                Thanks Curt and Klyeoh.

        2. I couldn't agree more with this post. T Restaurant is by far the best Chinese/Thai seafood I've ever had in BKK. Their food taste just right, not too spicey like the regular Thai food and not too plain for Chinese. I've been visiting T Restaurant for the past 20 years and they have always been consistent, to be honest I think their quality has improved. Although they've moved to Rajparop Rd., it is actually still very accessible with the new airport link. You could easily get off at the Rajparop station with the Airport Link City line and take an easy stroll for about 5-10 minutes and T Restaurant is right by the main street. I would really recommend everyone to try out this place because I am a big fan and I never miss it whenever I go to BKK for my busniess trips. Please do not miss their famous Curry crab, fried quid, and I personally love their steamed seafood because they are really fresh. In my opinion, comparing Somboon and T Restaurant, I think T Restaurant is much more consistent with taste and prices. Somboon for me has become too commercial and they've neglected the main factor of all restaurants which is consistency and quality.

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          1. re: foodhunt

            Glad to hear from another T-Pochana fan. I was beginning to think that *only* local Bangkok-Thais know of this place :-)

            1. re: klyeoh

              Going to be in Bangkok for a day again, with wife this time. Is T.Pochana open in the afternoon? How far is it from the Renaissance Ratchaprasong? Walkable? Any other recommendations for authentic Thai (hot) food for a couple to go to? We would like to do a fancy dinner and love Thai curries. I liked Spice Market at the Regent many years back, but I think it is a little touristy?

              1. re: intrepidgourmand

                Sorry, intrepidgourmand, I didn't see this old post of yours till now - I was in India on a business trip during the month of April and didn't check the Chowhound SE-Asia board quite as often then.

                T-Pochana is also open during the day, but it's not walkable from Renaissance - take a taxi there.

                You can check out the various Thai family restaurants in Central World Plaza mall: Laem Chareon, See Fah, Thasiam or MK. Of course, adventurous CHs will point you out to more gritty, stand-alone eateries, but my aunts (who own retail shops in Central World Plaza) eat at these restaurants every so often - they are great cooks at home and usually very fussy about food. If they are okay with these places, I think non-Thais visiting Bangkok for a short period can make do with these recommendations, since the outlets are clean, accessible and with other amenities (shopping, movie theatres) nearby.

          2. The original comment has been removed