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What else can I use tahini for?

I purchased a jar of tahini yesterday to use in a recipe. It's a good sized jar, and it was pricey, so I was trying to think of other things I could use it for (besides hummus LOL) Any suggestions?

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  1. Asian food. I use it for stir fry and especially like it when I'm making a noodle bowl/stir fry. Just a little gives a nice rich flavor.

    1. I like to use a bit when I'm making satay sauce. Also like it in mashed squash. And as above, for stir frys.

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        Beyond Hummus, there's Baba Ganouj, tahini sauce for falafel, and another tahini sauce, mixed with yogurt and lemon juice, minced garlic and salt that can be used on fish or chicken or as a dip for veggie sticks. You can use roasted sesame seed tahini for Dan Dan Noodles, or in place of peanut butter in a number of African stews and soups. I have thinned the yogurt, lemon, tahini, garlic sauce and added an herb or spice to make a creamy salad dressing that would be good for an entree-sized salad of mixed greens and vegetables, topped with chicken, salmon or shrimps.

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          1sweetpea coverered all of my suggestions. A little bit of tahini in just about anything adds a new nutty dimension to the dish.

      2. I'm curious what you did use it for. You didn't mention and I have a jar in the frig that I'd like to use as well but other than hummus, not sure either, hope this gets lots of posts.

        1. You can use it to make a sauce for Chinese noodles. Mix it with yogurt and some garlic and you have a great dressing for roasted vegetables. Mix with water, lemon juice and cumin and you have a dressing for fish and fried foods.

            1. One of the first things I made with my vita mix was tahini. I kept a container in the fridge and used it in my morning smoothie:

              One peeled banana
              1/4 cup of blueberries
              1 peeled orange
              cup of ice
              about 1/2 cup of water
              heaping tablespoon of fresh tahini


                1. This warm chick pea-butternut squash salad with tahini dressing from smitten kitchen is delicious.


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                    And that is exactly what i bought it for! I LOVE smittenkitchen!

                  2. I mix a little with almond butter and spread it on warm naan. Delicious b'fast, especially with some thinly sliced banana on top.

                    1. I LOVE it. Can't keep it at home live it. So once replaced the peanut butter in peanut butter squares (the ones where you mix PB, powered sugar, graham crackers, etc and press them into a pan and then top with chocolate) with tahini. Good but would have been better with a stronger sesame flavor. All the sugar/graham crackers seemed to stand out more.

                        1. Use half tahini, half graham cracker crumbs, no butter equals a lovely cheesecake crust or tart shell.

                          1. Make tahini dressing for kale salad or carrot salad - tahini, lemon juice, honey or agave, cumin, coriander salt and pepper - just toss with raw kale or add avocado, etc...

                            Also, make a dressing for tahini chicken salad - grill chicken breast (or roast), tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion or scallion, parsley - dressing same as above but add some mayo to make it thicker and creamier.

                            1. great as a binder in fish/salmon/whatever cakes to replace egg
                              can also use in burgers with some chopped tomato and feta...

                              i've used it to help crust fish brushing first with tahini then with coating

                              deviled eggs

                              in souffle (after catering a friend's wedding, i had a significant amount of tahini left over, and not really liking it myself, engaged in some experimentation...)
                              also a savory or sweet cheesecake

                              chocolate sesame truffles

                              ice cream - served with a honey walnut brittle :)

                              as a marinade for proteins

                              stuffed in a pita with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, roast chicken or tuna and some parsley

                              1. Falafal sandwich ... crispy fried falafal balls on grilled home-made pita with red onion, cucumber, tomato, a generous smear of tahini, some olive oil dizzled on and maybe even some scallions, a couple thin slices of picked turnip and just a dash of 5-spice powder. Of course hummus goes on this sandwich also ... but straight tahini is wonderful too - and not a small amount at that. <this is bordering on food porn>

                                1. What fabulous ideas! Keeping kale salad, and warm squash salad ideas in my brain.
                                  I am not a tahini fan, but do use it liberally in hommous--it's amazing how much richer, and more flavorful hommous gets when use use lots and lots of tahini.
                                  When I visited a friend in Palestine a decade ago, our rich, delicious breakfast was bread dipped into tahini, with a swirl of pomegranate molasses on top. It's like like concentrated pb&j.

                                  1. Two simple things. When you need a lift, dip a spoon in a take a bit. If you need a more substantial lift, dip a medjool (or other) date into it.

                                    If you have kids, use tahini instead of peanut butter on bread. (Tahini & jelly sandwich, too). Adults like peanut butter and jelly, too, so "tahini and jelly" for adults.

                                    1. Great Ideas! I like using tahini with honey on toast (English muffin is a nice choice) and as a dip for veggies. Taratour sauce which is really hummos without the garbanzos is fabulous as a sauce...well for anything. It's basically lemon juice, garlic and tahini. Wow. So good.

                                      1. Tahini miso dressing is nice on steamed or roasted veggies, or thinned out into a salad dressing. I originally got this idea from The Kitchn -- http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-tahin... and do riffs on it for whatever I have laying around that needs perking up. Or when I need a tahini and/or miso fix, I'll do the opposite and find something to slather it on.

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                                          Excellent ideas here! Only one I can add that hasn't been mentioned is that you can stir some into miso soup.

                                        2. Japanese style: Cook, drain and cool spinach. Compress into a disc shapes. Then spoon thinned (not too) tahini over the spinach and top with bonito flakes!