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Feb 8, 2012 03:41 AM

Bangkok - Thai-style Wanton Noodles

The Chinese sure loved their wanton noodles, and here on Chowhound, there's been extensive discussion on the wanton noodles and its regional variations: HK-style (drool!), Singapore-style (meh!), Malaysian KL-style (yum!), Indonesian-style (yuks!), etc.

Here in Thailand, I just had a marvellous local version that's *every* bit as good as its HK and KL counterparts, but with the unique Thai way of balancing various flavors and textures expertly. This very popular noodle stall is located inside the UNESCO-listed 100-Year-Market in Sam Chuk, Suphanburi Province.

The Bamee (Chinese egg-wheat noodles) was dressed lightly in a subtle & delicious dressing with soy sauce, nam pla (fish sauce), onion-flavored oil, golden-crisp-fried minced garlic & scallions, topped with beansprouts, "moo daeng" (Chinese char-siu/caramelised roast pork), and slices of minced fish cake. The taste was also sweetish from the additional of white sugar crystals, and spicy from dried chilli powder.

Pickled green chillies (in vinegar) were also available on the side. The result? One great noodle dish - this stall's springy, fine-textured noodles was a great base for the tasty combination of various toppings aforementioned.

A bowl filled with"kaew" (poached Chinese wanton dumplings), minced pork and sliced pork made a great side-dish.

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  1. Looks great! Everytime I go to supanburi, it'd only for deep-fried jumbo water prawn. So, this would expand the list ;)

    Just curious- why would you label this food stall as in Bangkok? Shouldn't it be Supanburi? (My computer just got fixed, I'd start writing more and would like to include some places from Supanburi. Would you suggest me to label those as Bangkok too?)

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    1. re: NP2

      Hee-hee, I did that because I used Bangkok as the nearest (city) base to come up to Suphanburi.

      But if you're writing extensively on Suphanburi, you should considering labelling those as Suphanburi, Thailand instead of Bangkok - but also explain in your post that Suphanburi can entail a 1.5 hour's drive from Bangkok.

      I'd have asked you to try and put in a restaurant database link, but am sure you'd have noticed Chow's announcement that the restaurant database will be removed by mid-March. Quite a bit of discussion going on at the moment involving the senior Chowhounds:

      1. re: klyeoh

        Heh. Another interesting report.

        Yes, the impending intended demise of the restaurant database on CH would be a tragedy. The Elders are mostly in a tizzy over it, as you say, but CBS (owner of CH) or whoever may be TPTB in this case may have other corporate notions about how to run its units to make money.

        Anyway, how about wonton mee in Bangkok proper? Any good ones?

        I am amused by your concise summaries of the worthiness of WM in KL, S'pore, HK, etc in your OP. Hee!

        1. re: huiray

          I wished I had more time in BKK, huiray - I didn't have the chance to try wanton noodles in the city proper this time round. I'd also wanted to go for "khao man kai" (Thai version of Hainanese chicken rice) and "khao mok kai" (Thai version of chicken briyani rice) but missed out due to lack of time. Back in KL now.