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Feb 7, 2012 10:49 PM

Looking for Puyallup area recommendations

I'll be staying in the Puyallup area for a few days in early March. Looking for breakfast and dinner recommendations within a reasonable driving distance. Prefer chow worthy gems of any ethnicity. Cost not really an issue. Also, recommendations on a good bar would be welcome.

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  1. Ms_Behavin, For breakfast try the Buttered Biscuit in nearby Sumner. (5 minutes from downtown Puyallup. It's hard to find their location the first time as it is in an ally behind Main St.) For lunch or dinner, "Crockett's pub" offers exceptional food for the area and is a good pub as well.) Nearby is "It's Greek To Me" and is worth seeking out for Greek food. Nearby Sumner also features Aversano's Italian for old school red gravy Italian. (90% of the wait staff at this gem are High School students and they do a terrific job; Seattle's Belltown joints could learn from this place.) Tacoma is 10 minutes away down River Road and offers the Matador (TexMex), The Spar (A classic 100 year old pub facing the water) and Sixth Avenue which features Asado, Marrow, Engine House Number 9, etc. Finally, the Red Hot on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma has given hot dogs a new life for reasons that cannot be explained--only experienced. Stay off Meridian Avenue as it is a franchise nightmare and a Chowhound wasteland...

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      Thanks for the info, I did find out about Crockett's Pub and It's Greek to Me. Will definitely visit a few of these and report back.