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Feb 7, 2012 07:45 PM


I'm trying to find a crawfish place in NOLA (visiting this weekend) and I found an old post I made but never read again (I don't know):

I didn't want to bump a super old post so my answer to my own question after many years is... I think the best crawfish place in Houston is LA Crawfish in 99 Ranch. It's asian style, so maybe a little different but they are truly always consistent with taste and quality. During peak season, they advertise selling only jumbo crawfish, and trust me, those suckers are HUGE. Check them out on Facebook or Yelp for pictures. They generally stay at $5.99 a pound, but it's well worth it for a sack of mini lobsters!!

Also, if anyone could help me out, I'm having trouble replying to posts? When I click reply, I keep getting directed to my own profile. :(

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  1. I went to LA Crawfish yesterday on a scouting mission looking for crabs for a co-worker fresh from Wisconsin. The do have crabs usually, despite not really being in season, they were medium females. I saw a table full of folks eating crawfish, they looked mediumish by the shells I saw. The very friendly counter help said the crabs and crawfish will pick up over the next couple of months, as it always does.

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      Yes, they have really good crabs! I sliced my thumb open on one last weekend... Oddly enough, last year during crawfish season, they were constantly out of crabs!

      Once crawfish season picks up, LA Crawfish is a must try.