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Feb 7, 2012 07:19 PM

Valentine's Day dinner in Atlanta

Can anyone recommend a great restaurant for Valentine's Day dinner? We'll be celebrating Saturday, not on the day itself. Smyrna/Vinings would be ideal, but we'd drive into town for a really nice meal in a cozy setting. Maybe this goes without saying, but I'd like to avoid chain restaurants. One I can recommend is South City Kitchen in Vinings but we've been there a number of times already.

What's your favorite place for a romantic meal?

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  1. Canoe would be a good choice and it's essentially
    Vinings so it fits your location.

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    1. The only really great Valentine's meal I've had was at Sotto Sotto right after they opened. Rose petal risotto the likes of which I haven't seen since (not saying much b/c I admittedly don't get out that much).

      People talk about New Year's Eve being amateur night for drinkers. Valentine's is the same for eating at restaurants. And the restaurants are psyched to pack couples in and try to take advantage.

      The worst meal I've had on Valentine's was at Nava. Inedibly salty. Miller Union a couple years ago was pretty good.

      My point is this- adjust your expectations and go somewhere nice a different night (or the weekend after). Or cook at home (nice steak, great bottle of wine, babysitter or lock kids in other part of the house). Or go casual, where they're more likely not to be overwhelmed and churning out a menu that may not compare to what they serve normally.

      Valentine's is overrated. I know. It's my birthday.