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Feb 7, 2012 07:09 PM

Where to buy affordable pile of demitasse spoons for party?

I'm in need of 30 demitasse (smallh) spoons for a party. I don't want totally cheap ones but can't afford high quality ones. Are there any recommendations for where to purchase?

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  1. I always rent china and flatware for my parties from The Party Center in Phoenixville. They have every conceivable party accoutrement.

    1. Coming off a CH discussion of restaurant supply stores, I'd recommend checking one out. Here's an example of what you might find: http://www.therestaurantstore.com/Win... These cost $4.59 for a box of 36.

      1. Not sure if they are truly "demitasse" spoons, but I found some really nice small spoons - about 1/3 the size of a teaspoon - at IKEA in Plymouth Meeting.

        1. I often serve small bites on "Chinese soup spoons" which you can buy for around $1 each at restaurant supply places or in Chinatown.

          1. You could also give Fante's a call - they are in the Italian Market in South Philly so they might have a customer base for demitasse spoons. If they don't have them, they can probably recommend someone who does.