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Feb 7, 2012 06:49 PM

Fort Reno BBQ

Anyone tried this out yet?

Fort Reno Provisions
669 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. There was a serious eats slide show that showed the set up and some previews of food - they had a shot of the smoker and it was hardly impressive - a small box/undercounter number that it looked like had to be gas/electric assist with probably wood chips/pellets for flavor. the cocktails looked good and id be curious to hear from someone whos been, but id be highly surprised if they were putting out a superior product with such limited facilities.

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      It wasn't bad at all (and that's coming from a "meh" barbeque fan). Nothing to write home about, but if you like barbeque, it's awesome to have something in the hood (at least until Dinosaur opens). However, their mac and cheese and collareds were quite yummy. I'll prob pick some up on my way home from the train station every so often.

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        The smoker you saw in the picture is indeed electric. But that doesn't mean it cannot turn out fine bbq. It is a high-end electric smoker that uses wood - not pellets. I guarantee that you could not tell the difference between bbq prepared on a GOOD electric smoker and a stick burner. A smoker doesn't have to be big to prepare good bbq. I've tasted some crappy bbq from huge bbq joints and have had great bbq that I've produced on my gas grill with a smoker box. Good meat and technique make all the difference.

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          1. I've been twice (live close) - the ribs are really good. First time ordered ribs and chicken, second time, everyone at the table went for pork ribs. They have brisket too, haven't tried it.

            I'm a big BBQ fan and don't expect much of any NYC places - this spot will do me fine, thx. I prefer their spice rub to Smoke Joint, and the sauces (on the side thank you) are good but not needed. The chicken is moist but not my personal favorite spice combo (was that allspice?)
            The sides are good enough, the room is cute, they have a full bar -- you order at a counter, they do take out, either to your table (of which there are very few) or out out. Once it's warm and they set up on the sidewalk this place is going to be poppin'