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Feb 7, 2012 06:30 PM

Family-friendly lunch near the Morris Museum in Morristown?

Looking for a place to have lunch with my kids near the Morris Museum this Saturday. Any recommendations welcome. I'm not opposed to a Chili's-type of chain if no other good options but I always prefer something more local if possible. Thanks!!

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  1. There is a Smashburger just down the street on Columbia Tpk in Florham Park, which is pretty good. If you are headed west from the Morris Museum, there are quite a few options in Morristown by the green. I personally love Raul's Empanadas located just off the green on Morris Street. Just down the street from Raul's is George and Martha's which is great, a little more upscale, but def. family/kid friendly. Nearby is the Famished Frog, on Washington St., just off the green. great place to take the kids for lunch.


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    1. The Famished Frog is probably the best bet in Morristown for lunch with kids. Don's just opened near the Community Theater (hamburgers, fries etc.) In Florham Park, just east of the museum, Nonna's in the Trader Joe's mall is good Italian and kid friendly and the diner in Florham Park is also a good local place.