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Feb 7, 2012 06:19 PM

Best restaurants in Chicago to give an engagement ring


I'm visiting Chicago in August and there's a chance I'll use that time to engage with my girlfriend. I'm looking for a great restaurant (food, wine, beer) with a space that can work for a special table.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. There are so many great restaurants in Chicago that in order to help you we need more information. What area are you staying in and how far away can you venture from there to dine? What types of food do you like best? What is your price range? Are you looking for something elegant and formal, or something lively and casual? If you can give us some details you should receive some good recommendations; lots of very knowledgeable people on these boards.

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      I'll be at The Silversmith Hotel & Suites. I'll be there two nights, one probably in Girl and the Goat or Common Table, the other one is the one concerning this question. I thought of Alinea or Le Colonial, but probably there are better options. Main thing is great food, wine and beer menus, but not so important which kind of food. Romantic place, with private table, no matter if high end or something nice but less fancy. Price is no problem. Close to hotel would be best, but we can take a taxi. As you see, it's quite flexible, as soon as food is great. Maybe your top 5 list would help, and a special suggestion for the private/romantic table.

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        The most romantic location I can think of us North Pond. An Arts and Crafts structure, it was originally a warming house on a skating pond literally in Lincoln Park (the park, not the neighborhood). The food is excellent, but what recommends it most is the site itself.

        Otherwise, I would suggest Naha, which is quiet and lovely and the food is both consistent and superb. Alinea would be lovely, but I don't think I would choose Le Colonial. It's just not special enough unless you are both mad about upscale Vietnamese/French food.

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          Everest. Forty floors up. You have to take a series of elevators to reach the restaurant and then walk a length of hallway and then you reach a beautiful room with a great western view. The journey to reach the restaurant raises the level of anticipation. Food and service are excellent. Ask for a window table and tell them why. The table won't be private but no more or less than any other restaurant. I don't know about what beer they might have but the wine list is world class and I bet they'll have a bottle or two of champagne for you to choose from. Good Luck!

          1. re: hoppy2468

            ...and let us know which restaurant you picked and how it went or if you chicken out instead.

            1. re: hoppy2468

              I totally forgot about Everest. The view is spectacular; the food excellent. I have had service problems there, but it would, indeed be a great location for a proposal.

          1. I think I'll have to choose among Everest, Blackbird (anybody been there?) or North Pond. This will be untill August, but of course I'll let you know how it goes.
            Thanks a lot everyone!

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              1. re: ysusi

                I don't think Blackbird would be an appropriate place for an engagement. The tables are EXTREMELY close together, and the noise level can be pretty high.

                Having never been to Everest or North Pond, I think L2o would be a fantastic option.

                1. re: aburkavage

                  Agreed on Blackbird. Great food, but one of the last places I'd want to propose. Everest, North Pond, and L20 are all terrific choices.

                  1. re: Possumlad

                    Any of the high end places would be nice. Blackbird is not a place I would choose for such an event for the reasons given above. Everest and North Pond have nice views and are romantic. I've had service issues, too, at Everest but it would be a great location for an engagement. Call ahead and tell them your plan, ask for a table with a view. That also might make them pay a bit more attention regarding service.

                    L2O is another great suggestion-fantastic food and service. I've seen 2-3 engagements at Tru as well.

              2. Definately get a private table. This way she can say no, if that is her choice, with some dignity. Seen a few of these go in unexpected directions.

                1. I would agree with the North Pond recommendation, and you should call ahead and let them know of your plan. My husband and I celebrated an anniversary dinner there a few years ago, and while it is not my all time favorite restaurant in the city, that evening was one of my all time favorite evenings. They really went all out to make our special occasion just that, very special and romantic. We had mentioned that it was an anniversary beforehand, and they met us with champagne, seated us in the best possible spot for the lovely view, and had specially printed menus for us which had our names and a happy anniversary greeting(I still have those menus somewhere). I cannot imagine a better place to propose. Then again, I am partial to Arts and Crafts architecture, so the ambiance also contributed to the cozy romantic atmosphere for me....I cannot imagine feeling that romantic at the ultra-modern Blackbird or Tru, even though both are excellent, food-wise. I would also not necessarily recommend Everest, I just don't see them going above and beyond to make sure it will be a perfect night for you.

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                    IL Mulino at 1150 N Dearborn - historic mansion with beautiful, romantic atmosphere- exceptional italian foods- the service Is top notch NYC style Italian.... Ask for the fireplace table, and sweep her off her feet!