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Feb 7, 2012 05:53 PM

Odds of getting a seat at the bar at Osteria Mozza on Valentine's Day?

Mr. cthoops and I are heading out to L.A. for 10 days for our annual escape from winter (which hasn't been bad this year at all, but I digress).

We don't usually go out for Valentine's Day (too crowded, often a limited menu) but I couldn't pass up seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's at 7:30 at the Egyptian on that evening. That means we need to figure out where to eat. The three course prix fixe at the bar at Osteria Mozza looks intriguing, but is there any chance we would actually get a seat at the bar if we were there at 5:30 when it opened? I know 5:30 is early, but it is February 14th. Thoughts?

Any other suggestions for dinner in the area (before or after the show) are also welcome.


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  1. I'd call them and ask. Most nights would be fine....but I'm not sure about that day. They could probably give you a better idea.

    1. If you have no luck calling them directly, then do you have an Amex card? If so, use the concierge service. They've never failed me. I've gotten reservations the day-of before at Pizzeria Mozza and several other restaurants in/around LA.

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        Unfortunately, "no reservations" is a condition of the 3-course fixed price bar special.

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          That's good to know. I've never used that feature of the card, and always wondered about it.

        2. A lot of eateries have sprouted up in the Hollywood/Vine and Sunset/Vine blocks. You might search for threads using those terms.

          1. At 5:30, it shouldn't be a problem...however, they may not have the special on valentines should call and ask before hand.

            not many people want to dine at 5:30, especially on v day!

            1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. It crossed my mind that they might not have the prix fixe on the 14th, so I will call them to check. 5:30 is normally way too early for dinner in my opinion, but given that the movie is at 7:30 we have no choice (unless we go after the movie).

              Thanks again.