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Feb 7, 2012 05:49 PM

What are the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix?

We're originally from Dallas and we're looking for the best Mexican (non-chain) restaurants in and around Phoenix.

Where do you recommend we eat?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's a link to the local newspaper's "reader survey" for "Best Mexican Restaurants" in Phoenix. Carolina's was the top choice, and gets a lot of love here on Chowhound as well:

        1. Thank you all very much. We'll give some of the suggestions a try.

          1. Well, some of the recs. could well be predicated on WHERE you are staying in Phoenix. The Phoenix-Metro Area is over 500 Sq. miles, so my rec. might be 50 miles away from you, and may well not be worth the drive.

            Now, we live near a Carolina's, and have dined there many times, and at each, we ask, "what's the big deal?" OTOH, we love El Bravo, which is about 3 miles south of us, and much farther away.

            One thing to remember is that Phoenix is not that big on Tex-Mex (a favorite of ours), but is more Sonoran, and Bajan, which is different, as you might imagine.

            For the closest to Tex-Mex, we like El Conquistador, which is of Jaliscan influence (Guadalajara, but actually closer to Tex-Mex). However, they are in a small, strip-center, out in North Phoenix, but not far from the North location for Carolina's.

            Now, there is nothing in Metro-Phoenix, that I have encountered, that I would term Tex-Mex, but then some of the restaurants represent states, that are not too far away.

            Most of all, enjoy, and there is nothing wrong with Sonoran, or Bajan, they are just different, and there are several good threads on CH, that articulate the differences.