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Feb 7, 2012 05:27 PM

Hershey's Chocolate Shell ice cream topping?

They used to sell this in my CDN Metro but no longer. It looks like chocolate syrup but hardens when it hits your ice cream. Has anyone seen this anywhere?

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  1. Not sure if it was Hershey's, but they definitely have the shell stuff at Metro Westmount.

    I'm a purist and lovelovelove the Hershey sauce in the yellow can.

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    1. re: C70

      The last time I bought it (at Metro Westmount) it was Smuckers Magic Shell, with the turtle on the front.

      1. re: butterTarrt

        Tonbo, I bought that Hershey syrup that hardens just a few weeks ago at my local IGA (West Island) . It shouldn't be too hard to find, I'm sure 95% of them carry it, I guess big supermarkets are good for something. lol

    2. Yay, yay and yay! Lat night I was SOOOO lusting after some to cover my strawberry ice cream. I gave up alcohol just a week ago and am substituting like hell! The finest tea money can buy! Valhrona cocoa powder for hot chocolates! Hawaiian Kona Gold coffee!!!

      And now that chocolate shell for my ice cream! I will let you little helpers know!