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Feb 7, 2012 05:15 PM

Bayeux - any recent updates?

We will be staying in Bayeux for 2 nights in March and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations/thoughts on where to eat during our stay (most of the threads for the area are a bit old). We are flexible on price, but prefer to keep it to 30E per head. Local/regional food. We will have our 2.5 year old with us so a lower key atmosphere would be ideal. If it matters, we will have a car and can travel. Also, any other food or wine-related recommendations? We will be in Bayeux on a Saturday and are already looking forward to the market.


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  1. I was just in Bayeux for a second visit a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, some of the restaurants I wanted to go to were closed like Petit Normand (where I've eaten twice) and Rapiere (which gets great reviews all around). However, we did enjoy a very nice dinner at Coline d'Enzo in the old town. The 3-course menu was around 30E. Le Pommier might be a good choice too.

    My last visit to Bayeux was with our three kids, the youngest was 4 at the time. I remember all the restaurants, particularly Petit Normand where we went twice, being very accommodating.

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      Is Petit Normand the place where you eat in a cider barrel? A lot of fun, and very good food!