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Feb 7, 2012 05:01 PM

Help me pick some restaurants for my family's first time in New Orleans

Hello -

My family is going to be in New Orleans for the first time in March. Our stay, however, will be quite short at just two-and-a-half days. I've personally been there several times before, but no one else has, and I want to make sure I make some good choices.

I should start by saying that my family comes from a very "humble" background and doesn't understand the idea of spending extravagantly on food. Therefore, Stella, Commander's, Galatoire's, Coquette, Patois, Restaurant August (and the list goes on) are off the list. I do want them to taste some great food, though. What would be your picks for restaurants where most entrees are no more than $20 a piece?

Two lunches/brunches, two dinners, and maybe a breakfast place would be ideal.

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  1. If budget is an issue, select the better places for lunch to stay on course. Then have dinner at a casual place that doesn't change it's menu in the evening. I can't eat heavy at night so we come out a lot better going to the nicer places for lunch. We had dinner at Atchafalaya Cafe in December and it was excellent. We split an appetizer, a steak and a dessert and it was just right for me. Their dinner prices are a little over your budget but lunch prices are in your range.

    1. You can do the prix fixe lunch menu at August for $20.12, and Commander's has an very reasonable lunch menu in the same price range. This gives them the fabulous experience of these restaurants without the big price.

      1. Brunch at Lil Dizzy's in Treme for sure! Amazing food, complete neighborhood vibe, just all around great place. I'd go there every day if I could.

        1. In what area will you be staying? We'd want to keep travel costs down too. Although a street car ride would be part of the fun.

          Up Canal Street to Mandina's. Up St Charles to American Zone (at WW2 Museum) or Zea's.
          Warehouse: Grand Isle. I'd say Couchon Butcher too but extravagant to some are $10 sandwiches. Try to convince your family that $8-12 New Orleans sandwiches are usually well worth it.

          many of the mom/pop places do serve generous amounts so meals can be split without going hungry.

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          1. I think you guys are missing his point. I don’t think they’d be comfortable in August or Commander’s no matter what the price was. You should probably go to one of the neighborhood joints like Mandina’s, Joey Ks, Casamentos, Charlie's or some of our po boy spots like Parkway, Guy’s or Parasol’s. There are plenty of breakfast options like Surrey’s, Slim Goody’s, Old Coffee Pot or Camelia Grill. If you want to splurge on a place with a homey-feel to it then Cafe Atchafalaya would be a good choice for brunch, lunch or dinner.