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Feb 7, 2012 04:25 PM

Providence restaurant rec for bf's birthday

Hi, I m taking my bf to dinner for his 31st birthday and im looking for some restaurant recommendations. We go out quite often (paragon, bravo, kartabar) but mostly because it's more convenient than cooking at home sometimes. For his bray though I want to take him somewhere nice. I was thinking Jackie's galaxy or the Red Fez (I havent been to any of these places yet). Another contender would be Ten but the crowd there can be weird at times. I want something with a nice atmosphere/slightly romantic but where the food is good too (i can be picky). Thanks!

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  1. Red Fez is good but not at all romantic. The Dorrance, Baccaro upstairs, Parkside, Broadway Bistro, Local 121 (can't vouch for this one personally but reviews have gotten better since I went a couple years ago and the interior is gorgeous). Different price points and atmospheres but all good in their own way.

    1. Adding to Jenkins' recs, also in the downtown area I'd suggest Gracie's or New Rivers. Both have the atmosphere you're looking for and are several notches above what you mention as your regulars.

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          Romantic atmosphere and good food? Not sure I'd come up with this rec, but whatever. Though you might wish to Google the place and see what you see.