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Feb 7, 2012 03:34 PM

Another Branch of Mama's Lu Opens In Monterey Park

Also in TonyC's Eater L.A. column on Friday was news of a new branch of Mama's Lu on the corner of Garvey and Ynez, previously the home of Awesome Eatery which managed to stay open for only four months, as well as umpteen previous restaurant occupants. The new branch was nearly full when I went at lunchtime even though it has only been open for a few days. They have all your dumpling favorites, both cooked and in the freezer. However, there seems to be a lesser emphasis on# dumplings and noodles here compared to the other branch with lots of meat and other dishes. Street address is 501 W. Garvey Ave., #101.

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  1. I believe Jthur's CHOW post came first:

    Granted, my unpublished photo was taken Jan 30, but Jet Tila's new restaurant was apparently more interesting.

    Did they have chicken dumplings?

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    1. re: TonyC

      Missed JT's posting since I was in NY last week. No chicken dumplings. But I did make my first chicken dumpling sighting in New York Chinatown!

      1. re: Chandavkl

        That's ok Chandavkl, you were in NY and I buried the lede.

        Tony's unpublished photo being on Jan. 30 beat me by about 24 hours. Besides, I typed in McPherrin instead of Ynez (d'oh!).

        Definitely a more lush setting than the other Mama's Lu's. BTW, this past Saturday, Mama's Lu (the original) was absolutely packed, with many people waiting on the sidewalk on Garvey.