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Jun 20, 2006 02:34 PM

Nick's Cafe - Best Ham?

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I heard about Nick's Cafe a while back - something about how they have the best ham and eggs in LA. Is there any truth to that? Anything else good, or just the ham?

Nick's Cafe
1300 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  1. Yes! I love Nick's but cannot go too often as it is not exactly health food. Can't get away from the ham but have observed other people have burritos the size of logs and steaks of similar heft. Everyone seems to love the salsa, which I didn't care for. Have never had lunch there. Only breakfast.

    1. The ham is indeed very good, but it has been not-as-good my last two meals there, ever since they changed the menu around a couple months ago.

      another warning: I have *never* had my toast served with my meal while eating there, usually arrives near the end of meal.

      and while i hate to give negeative comments about a place i do love, the last time i ate there, i ate over half my meal while my dining companion waiter for his food. the only redeeming factor was that i am a slow eater.

      as far as the food: the home fries are better than the hasbrowns

      1. Yes, the best ham & eggs in LA and best Denver Omelette in LA too. Both go great with their home made salsa. Kitchen can be slow because there's only one cook and Myrna(waitress) and about 20 counter seats. I notice the cook can't multi-task and basically works one order(check) at a time. Little known secret Myrna told me was to call in my order and it will be ready to eat when I get there.
        Definitely can beat out Phillipes and Pantry for ham and eggs.

        1. OK, so universal praise for the ham. Now, what makes the ham so special? Is it Virginia ham? A Country ham? A city ham? I assume it's not like the flacid, watery ham that The Pantry serves (great char, looks promise lots more than the flavor is able to deliver). Is it like the best ham I've found so far, at Pat's Topanga Gill in Topanga Canyon? What should I expect?

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          1. re: TomSwift

            It's not country ham, but a nicely prepared slab of pig with a slight chew (not limp or rubbery), salty and meaty, substantial, hint of clove in there somewhere, maybe. Like someone baked a nice ham for dinner and served you breakfast the next morning along with some good eggs. I like the housemade salsa.

            1. re: petradish

              You painted a nice picture about the leftover ham the next morning. I'm definately going to do breakfast. Thanks.

          2. And Nick's sells ham bones for $1.00 that art the start of a great bowl of lentils or split pea soup!
            I actually think their bacon is better than their ham.