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Feb 7, 2012 02:31 PM

Cooking Classes in Edmonton

I'm planning a team-building event for my office and was hoping to find a cooking class that caters (see what I did there?) to such groups. We've done similar events at Sorrentino's before and they were always a lot of fun, so we're hoping to find something similar but in a different venue. Our group is around 15-20 people.

Does anyone know of anyone else in the city who offers such a thing? Through some Googling I've come across Gail Hall (who unfortunately only offers it to groups of 10 or smaller) and 'Get Cooking' (who I'm not familiar with). Any experience with these or others?


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  1. I haven't taken one of her classes but I have met Kathryn (who runs Get Cooking) and I think you'd have a great experience with her. Also, she ran one of our classes during last year's Eat Alberta conference and the conference attendees raved about her class. (Disclaimer: I am one of the Eat Alberta organizers.)

    Valerie from holds some classes at her home too, with various teachers.

    I think the only problem that you will run into with Gail, Kathryn and Valerie is that since they all do their classes out of their homes they only have a certain amount of space. Not sure if they would be able to arrange to use another kitchen or not.

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      Thanks for the info, that's very helpful. I think the size of the group is going to be the biggest problem for us. I've emailed Gail and it sounds like she'll be able to accomodate us, and the central location is a huge help, so that may be the way to go. Although if Kathryn an arrange a bigger kitchen that's centrally located, that could work too.

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        I have taken a regular class with Gail and although I got some good recipes and tips, because everyone is working on collectives dishes, you aren't involved in each step of the process. That makes it a good way to socialize and learn about food, but not necessarily gains cooking skills for each step of the process.

    2. Perhaps not as upscale as the ones you've mentioned but Real Canadian Superstore offers cooking classes and can handle larger groups - plus if anyone really enjoys a recipe - they can purchase what they need on the way out. I've taken classes on an individual basis and have really enjoyed them. You might want to call them just to see what they can offer: