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Feb 7, 2012 02:24 PM

Has anyone tried Jacks in South Minneapolis (used to be Java Jacks)

Since Kevin Kathmann took over? It's in the neighborhood and I wanted to know what the food is like, particularly the portion sizes.


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  1. Just posting an update - Kevin Kathman is no longer at Jack's. More info here:

    Java Jack's Coffee Cafe
    818 W 46th St, Minneapolis, MN 55419

    1. Just had dinner there last night,but had not been for any other incarnation. It was OK. I had the mussels, and I thought they were over cooked. My husband and friend had the burgers and thought they were good. Someone ordered the oyster app and said it was quite tasty, however it did arrive with our main courses. Pizza that had nice flavor, but I like a more crisp crust. Service was fine. Nice beer list.

      Portion sizes were OK to me. The burgers came with nice side of fries. I could not finish my mussels, though I had to ask for some bread (and I didn't love them.) The pizza was about 8-9 inches and pretty well topped. There were other options on the menu, nothing all that "out there" either in price or description.

      Like so many places, I would go back, but would not drive across town for it.

        1. re: bob s

          Well, that was quite the downfall.

          1. re: BigE

            The neighborhood buzz is that they'll be renting out the kitchen to the people who run the Chef Shack food truck...