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Feb 7, 2012 01:55 PM

Did you grow up eating homemade Boston Baked Beans? [moved from Boston]

Howdy all! I'm working on a newspaper article about Boston Baked Beans and I'm looking for Boston-area natives to interview who grew up eating homemade baked beans. I'm especially interested in talking with folks who have kept this tradition going (though not required). You can email me at matt AT crispybits DOT com and I'll be sure to respond back to you.

That aside, baked beans are a new thing in my own household - I've been making them for about 4 years now. I follow the Durgin-Park recipe that's available from their website (though I use half the amount of brown sugar called for in that recipe). What recipes do you use?

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  1. I threw together a batch a few years ago, and for all the work involved, I ended up with a batch that tasted almost EXACTLY like a canned version!!!!

    1. Nope, sorry to say. Nor did anyone else in my neighborhood. I suppose some people, somewhere, did, but I tend to think the Boston Baked Bean thing is more of a myth, or a stereotype of Boston. Sounds like it will be a great article though, where will it be published?

      1. Boston Baked Beans in my experience is the candy....
        But yes, I've made them (navy bean type), but nowhere near Boston.

        1. I am going to answer, but not email. Yes. I grew up with homemade baked beans on Sunday evenings, and then it moved to every other week until finally, it was only made for special holidays.

          It isn't a myth. I make the beans in the family now, but only about 4 or 5 times a year, for the large group gatherings. They taste nothing like the ones you get in a can, I am pleased to say.

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            Glad to hear it's not a myth with at least one person! Where I live, in Watertown, I'm lucky enough to be in a neighborhood full of "lifers" who have lived there for 50+ years. Most of them are in their 70s now and grew up in the 1940s & 50s. They all tell stories of baked beans on Sunday, and how beans were a necessary part of the diet because they were cheap and came with their war rations during WWII. Likewise, most of them tell me the same thing: that after the war and with the proliferation of supermarkets and canned goods, beans out of a can eventually replaced the beanpot.

          2. My grandmother was a New Englander and she made BBB every Sunday. The only story that came out of it was that as soon as the beans went into the oven the cat would lie down in front of it. As soon as the bean came out of the oven the cat would start crying. My grandmother would take a spoon of beans out of the pot and spread them out to cool on a plate. Every Sunday, the cat got the first of the BBB.

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                I love this! I have no memories that include cats eating beans, and I am the poorer for it.