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Feb 7, 2012 01:44 PM

Sweet Olive: New Restaurant from the Coquette Team

Received a notice on FB today regarding the new restaurant Sweet Olive in The Saint Hotel. Think I'll have to give this a shot, and look forward to upcoming reviews.

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  1. I went in to get a cocktail last week (based on the strength of the cocktail programme at Coquette) and ended up ordering a couple dishes a la carte. They were flawless. I cannot wait to go back in and do the whole tasting.

    1. I can't wait to try as well. $20 lunch of 3 courses at Coquette can't be beat with fresh ingredients expertly prepared into culinary art. I am always pleased by the service and quality for the price. According to the link above Sweet Olive is offering 4 courses for $55. Has anyone tried? Is this dinner or lunch or both?

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        Good question, as the website does not specify. I suspect the site will be updated once things settle with the new opening,

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          While I love Coquette, lunch time they tend to offer the same standbys with minor changes, unlike the dinner menu which mostly changes daily. Not a problem for visitors, but for us locals, it is getting stale. The Saint Hotel site states Sweet Olive will be open daily for breakfast/lunch/dinner. The published menu appears to be dinner.

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            Sweet Olive is currently open for dinner 7 nights a week. We are serving breakfast for the hotel and lunch should start in late March if everything goes according to plan. We are currently waiting for our phone system to be up and running thru the hotel. Until then reservations can be made via open table and
            Sweet Olives menu is a four course with four choices for each course. Wine pairing are availible in half or full pours for each course. A la carte pricing is availible as well.
            As far as Coquette's lunch goes, the menu options will be changing soon. Sweet Olive has consumed more time than I would like to open. Thanks for the interest!

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              I love when the proprietors take the time to post on here! I'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks!

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                Phone lines are now working for the restaurant. For reservations and information please call (504)875-2600.

          2. I ate at Sweet Olive on Friday, March 16th and it was extraordinary. We were a party of 6 of visitors from out of town -- 3 from Ireland, and 2 from Boston and 1 from Indiana. It was scrumptious. We started with an amuse bouche of smoked salmon (appropriately enough) -- very tasty. Then we all shared the pickle plate and the charcuterie plate -- both were balanced, beautiful arrangements. The pickles included beets, cucumber, turnip (?), and a bunch of other stuff (sorry memory a bit hazy due to not sleeping well while traveling). The charcuterie included pâté, head cheese, boudin balls and was delicious. I had the fantastic scallops with new asparagus, a bit of caviar and a few chive flowers in a light cream (& pernod?) sauce. People, I wanted to dive into this. (The other dish I felt that was about was Mr. B's BBQ shrimp.) It was scrumptious. Others had grilled (broiled??) oysters, which they'd had and loved at Pelican Club the night before and loved again. My neighbor had a squash pasta dish (I think) that she thoroughly enjoyed. Others had shrimp. I had a nicely done red snapper that was less impressive than the rest, but still good. We had a moderate-to-small amount of wine and no dessert, but enjoyed the ?meringue and citrus jelly?? "lollipops" at the end. We spent about $70/person. All were very impressed. The decor gleams with white marble, heaps of candelabras in glass, and a bathroom that looks like a movie set with mirrors and more mirrors, with the good or bad side-effect that you can actually see your rear-view (which may or may not have caused the women not to order dessert). Yet there is no stuffiness. They are trying hard and really want you to have a good time. I would like to see them offer something like the stunning fresh amazing salad that they have at Coquette (where I ate the night before) -- it's so earnest in its Southern/NOLA style focus that just about everything is a protein-rich offering, but, really, this is a great great restaurant with a lovely menu.

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              that white-and-glass interior sure is *something*, all right... our initial reaction is cold. but, hey, we'll have to try it.

            2. PS
              Plus, they had tables available on very short notice! They're on Open Table. I imagine the availability won't last long, but it was our luck, as we had made no advance plans for Friday night and put together a group of 6 and couldn't get reservations elsewhere. Yay!