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Feb 7, 2012 12:49 PM

Barcelona - food recs - hotel near Mercat de la Boqueria

I am looking for good eats/drinks near our hotel. We are staying right around the corner from la Boqueria. We already have reservations at Tickets one night and that is planned as our splurge meal. Recommendations under 40 Euro/person would be appreciated. Also, specific dishes if you know any. We're both pretty adventurous eaters. Thanks!

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  1. Below is a link to a recent post on eating in the Barri Gotic.
    Central Barcelona which might include Barri Gotic, Born/Ribera, El Ravel, Eixample is compact and easily walkable. Add Barceloneta. I would search the board as just about all the earlier posts on eating in Barcelona are in those areas. Except for dinners in places such as Cinc Sentits, Alkimia, Comerc24, Sauc, Gaig, most will be within your budget. Some higher-end modern Catalan restaurants such as Cinc Sentits, Gresca, Alkimia offer a good value set menu lunch.

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      I second the recommendation for Gresca's lunch - very good value indeed for the food you get.

    2. Cheeeese,

      As advised above, try to go a little further afield for good eats. The area around La Boqueria is Las Ramblas and it has some of the worst food in town (apart from inside the market and snacks at the Escriba bakery).

      Of course, if you're exhausted from sightseeing and just need a nearby backup, you might try the cafe at Le Meridien Hotel. It's called Cent Onze (meaning 111, which is the hotel's street address on La Rambla). It has some decent-looking set menus for lunch and dinner (16-19 euros, including tax). Open on Sunday evenings too. Currently, if you book your table on, there's even a 50% discount for a la carte (which would also bring you to about 20 euros net). I doubt it's 'gourmet' but the cafe seems pleasant and near Las Ramblas, your bill for 2 tapas and 2 drinks might tally up to about the same cost.

      BTW, I love Gresca too. I haven't tried the 19 euro menu del dia at lunchtime since my greed dictates that I partake in the dinner 50 euros 9-course affair. If you go for the Cinc Sentits 29 euro lunch, make sure you tell them during the booking that you intend to order that. I've heard that sometimes it's not offered.

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        Hi Aleta,
        Sorry to resurrect the thread, but would you by chance (apart Paco Meralgo) have some delicious tapas eateries (no splurge, so at decent prices) to recommend around that same central area (I will be staying on Jazz Pelai, L'Eixample) . Thanks

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          That hotel is on the border of L'Eixample and Raval. You are close to Boqueria and I would advise at least one meal at El Quim, inside the market. Pinoxto is also a good choice inside the market.

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              If you do go to Pinoxto, try to get there early like 11am - 12pm is the best time as they have lots of dishes to choose from. We made the mistake of sitting down at 3:30pm this past Saturday and there was only 1 dish left. It's chaotic, but a lot of fun and the food is fantastic.

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