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Feb 7, 2012 12:45 PM

Group of 13-20 for a 90th birthday celebration

We're looking for a good Italian restaurant that can seat between 13 and 20 guests for a very young 90 year old's birthday dinner. (Won't know exact number for a week or so) We'll need the reservations for around 5 or 5:30. It would be wonderful if we could find a restaurant that has a separate room, or area for our group, but I'm also aware that that might not be possible.
To nail down the particulars, we could eat in Marin County, North Beach, or even Napa or Sonoma County. Moderate prices would be nice, if possible. We've thought about Poggio in Sausilito, Tra Vigne in St. Helena, (Poggio because of the setting near the water and Tra Vigne for the wine country setting and great patio, in case it's not raining.) I'm sure that there are some good places in North Beach with traditional Italian menus. I just don't know where to begin to look. I've also heard some great things about Bottega in Yountville, but I'm not sure about the expense and have also heard that it can be quite noisy, which might make it hard for that many of us to feel connected. Main concerns are that the food be good, not over the top expensive, and there is something about the place that would create a memory; whether it be the setting, a staff that would get a kick out of helping us celebrate a cool 90 year olds birthday, or ???? I'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions.

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  1. Piatti in Mill Valley has a small room that can accommodate about 20. I attended a wedding rehearsal there and they did a good job taking care of the group on a busy Friday evening.

    They passed platters of antipasto and also fresh oysters to start and then guests could order off of a limited menu. It's a pretty location that looks out over Shelter Cove lagoon and there is plenty of parking.

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      Bottega in Yountville has private rooms for groups of this size and will do customized family style menus for you. Excellent for a more intimate experience than a large table in the public front of a restaurant.