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Feb 7, 2012 12:43 PM

Zambra Asheville, NC

Booked a reservation for V-day. First time going to Zambra. Not really tapas-educated either. What are some can't miss dishes?

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  1. It has been a while since I went to Zambra...since I became obsessed w/ the Admiral. But it was my pre-Admiral favorite, and I always got one of their creative salads, and something w/ shrimp or scallops. $3 for the bread is SO worth it. We used to always get fried calamari w/ this green sauce (like a chimichurri) if it were available.

    Only things I never much liked were the spring rolls, the paellas (greasy to me), and the desserts were usually just so-so. Hope that helps!

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      Thanks definitely does....Admiral is next on the list. On a side note I have to say I have hard time finding good dessert in this town

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        I think you're doing your dinners just right. I prefer Admiral in spring,summer and fall. For some reason in the winter I don't like it *quite* as well. (which is still a lot) Zambra is going to be my next A'ville've got me all into it now ;-)

        Dessert is problematic in A'ville, no? I usually wind up at ultimate ice cream, but you're not *always* in an ice cream mood. Otherwise, I go to Sister McMullen for cupcake or whoopie pie. Sometimes City Bakery will have a good dessert, but not reliable. I find the cakes, etc. at True Confections and French Broad choc lounge not to be worth my trouble/calories. The only place I've found to really go to sugar-heaven is up in Weaverville at Well Bred Bakery. Oh...and when you go to Admiral, get the creme brulee.

    2. They have a set menu and a daily special menu. Our experience is the set menu items are generally better thought out and successful that the specials. That said occasionally the specials are great and worth the chance. Good wine list too. There can be up to FIVE different menus on your table at a time so be prepared.

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        I actually LOVED the paella! It's all good...

      2. You do realize you made a reservation at GREAT restaurant on the single WORST night of the year? I hope you won't be disappointed. with the service. I hope all the JV wanna be foodies wear shoes and shirts with sleeves. Please go back in the middle of the week when the kitchen is not rushed and you can really enjoy it.

        1. FYI, they are offering a $25 GC for $4 on right now...

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            they also have a $15 for $30 deal on

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              FYI: Neither deal is good on weekends. A 20% gratuity is added to the first one. The second one is not good on Valentine's Day.

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                According to their website it says they are not taking any coupons on VDay...bummer

          2. We really like to order from the specials and also always ask the server for their opinion - has always worked for us. As far as dessert...pick up some truffles from Chocolate Fetish or go to Chocolate Lounge after dinner.